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1st Sep 2016
For many business owners the beginning of December marks the start of the Xmas period and it is without doubt one of the best times to market your business. So how do you decide what this year’s festivities will look like, how to split your marketing budget and what will have the most effect in [...]
24th Jun 2016
What’s the importance of pen and paper? For a designer, it’s said that there is nothing more initiative than pen and paper. This ‘traditional’ style can help to form successful initial ideas and is always encouraged at the beginning of a creative brief, but why? Below are 4 reasons we think pen and paper are [...]
The importance of brand guidelines
27th May 2016

Brand guidelines are the core to your company. From the style to the way your business communicates to all existing and future clients. The guidelines focus on a range of aspects, such as the ethos, business values, the logo, colour scheme, imagery and photography, advertising strategies, wording and stationery and anything else unique to your […]

A picture paints a thousand words
20th May 2016

Over the last 2 years the internet has been awash with Gifs, MEMEs and fantastic photography. Not since the cavemen used wall paintings have we seen images as the forefront of communication. We, as a society, are using images to communicate more than ever as a picture paints a thousand words. Instagram lets us share […]

Why losing touch with print could lose you sales
13th May 2016

Okay, so it’s true we live in a technical age where everything is at our fingertips, we have ‘disposable’ information ‘on tap’ through search engines and we read on average 285 pieces of information daily. We get saturated in the stuff, which means only the best and most relevant information manages to make it to […]

Why go social?
25th Apr 2016
The chances are that social media is proving to be a successful tool for your competitors. In just a few years, social media has shaped potential outcomes for businesses and the opportunities are becoming more advanced and developed. Over 30% of the world’s population are found on social media accounts and within this day and [...]
8th Mar 2016
Previously when I thought of wall paper, I thought of my nan’s house, where every room except the kitchen and bathroom, had the walls adorned with fancy wallpaper.   My nan was particularly proud of her house although I confess some of mismatched patterns were tell-tale signs that she had hung the wallpaper herself. As [...]
7th Mar 2016
We have currently seen the rebrand for the Premier League and more recently Channel 5. This may be an influence on many companies to question whether they should rebrand and update their look. But, when is the best time to do so? There isn’t one set answer when it comes to asking yourself [...]