The importance of brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are the core to your company.

From the style to the way your business communicates to all existing and future clients. The guidelines focus on a range of aspects, such as the ethos, business values, the logo, colour scheme, imagery and photography, advertising strategies, wording and stationery and anything else unique to your brand. The aim of the guidelines is to maintain a strong, consistent personality that will be transferable to your brand’s future.

Brand guidelines should ideally be shared amongst your team members as early as possible in the business. In smaller businesses, this may not be seen as a necessity. The further your business expands with more external links, the greater the importance of brand guidelines. This helps to confirm the ground rules and maintain consistency throughout your brand.

Take note, that your brand guidelines should be tailored to your company. You have to lay down some boundaries and make some rules but keep some elements flexible so you can develop these in the future.

At Media Village, we not only work within brand guidelines supplied by our customers, but we also help to produce them. We spend time with our customers to ensure they understand each section and we answer any questions they may have.

If you need any help or have any further questions about brand guidelines, contact us on 01254 300000 and we will be more than happy to help.

A picture paints a thousand words

Over the last 2 years the internet has been awash with Gifs, MEMEs and fantastic photography. Not since the cavemen used wall paintings have we seen images as the forefront of communication. We, as a society, are using images to communicate more than ever as a picture paints a thousand words. Instagram lets us share images with the world whether it be, what’s for lunch or where we have travelled we post and hashtag the hell out of it. And why? Because the power of good imagery is boundless, a shot of your lamb Sunday roast dinner with all the trimmings matched with the perfect filter not only shows off you culinary skills but empowers your very masculinity, hunter gatherer style, ‘here’s what I’m providing and doesn’t it look tasty!’. MEMEs trend throughout the internet because with the perfect image and a measly few words it captures the very essence of what ‘I was thinking but just didn’t say’.

In a world where our coffee comes so fast that our name isn’t even spelt correct and our words are heard so wide we only get 160 characters to express ourselves the old synonym couldn’t be more relevant, more necessary and more lucrative. Photography, imagery is now a fundamental tool for today’s marketers, get it wrong and the message is missed by millions, get it right and it can capture the very essence of your business, your product, your career. It is imperative to get this right, a great image can cause a movement, spark inspiration and sell big. The wrong image can cause controversy, mislead the viewer and cause sales loses.

We now have the very tools for successful marketing at our finger tips, mobile cameras allow us to snap, tag and post within seconds, we no longer have the excuse to miss out. Professional photography is ever accessible and affordable paired with the best PR and marketing plan and it’ll be the best money you’ve spent. Photography can build up the perception of your company elevating it, from small town to nationwide, from budget sales to bespoke and high end, this can impact who approaches you for sales and how your customers feel about being connected with you. Branding and imagery are the reason we have Globally recognised logos, imagery and media.

Sell yourself with a thousand words in the perfect image.

The Media Village have expansive experience with bespoke photography and design. With an experienced team spanning projects from food photography to corporate events, school and local authorities to private bespoke photography and design. Our team are happy to advise on all aspects of photography to help you achieve the most from your marketing budget.

Why losing touch with print could lose sales

Okay, so it’s true we live in a technical age where everything is at our fingertips, we have ‘disposable’ information ‘on tap’ through search engines and we read on average 285 pieces of information daily. We get saturated in the stuff, which means only the best and most relevant information manages to make it to the end of the day and certainly only the prominent make it to be referenced at a later date. So, how could you lose sales?

On the whole, we are all just too busy to stop and read, save, bookmark, etc. Remembering to go back to a piece of information is like tying a knot in the proverbial handkerchief. Remembering to tie the knot is as much a challenge as remembering what the knot represents.

No worries, print is on your side, print media is your way to keep your information at the forefront of potential clients minds. Many of us claim that writing something down or having something physical to touch helps us remember. 64% of 16-24 year olds prefer printed books over their electronic counterparts and a massive 92% of further education students prefer print too. This is because the touching makes it real. Having print allows us in even the smallest way to engage, mark, manipulate and share on a physical level. The key is to strike the right balance of digital and print promotions, keeping the spectrum of your sales democratic appeased and stimulated.

Business cards and leaflets have taken a massive decline through the use of technologies such as e-shots and contact cards and mobile phones, making promotional goods invaluable when it comes to getting your contact details out there, seen and remembered. Don’t get lost in a sea of data contacts.

The Media Village are experienced in all aspects of web and print marketing, situated in the Northwest of England, close to Cities such as Preston, Manchester, Bolton and local to Blackburn and Accrington. The Media Village is happy to provide advice or help in ensuring that you can achieve the most from your marketing budget.