10 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2021

2020 was certainly a year nobody could have predicted. With the year coming to an end, it’s time to look towards what 2021 holds for the creative industry and upcoming trends.

So, here’s a collection of design trends logo designers from all around the world have predicted will be the next big thing.

1. Stained- Glass

When you think of stained-glass you might picture a church or ancient building. Well, what’s old is new again as stained-glass logo designs are becoming one of the hottest predicted design tends for 2021. When applied to modern logo designs, the stained-glass effect lends a beautiful and colourful abstract concept, which really makes a logo unmissable. As it is commonly associated with churches, there is a sense of sanctity given to this trend and it is usually paired with natural scenery.

2. Perspective Drawing

Great design is born from simplicity and clarity. These elements allow a logo to effectively communicate the complex identity of a brand – hence why so many logo designers focus on minimalism and flat design (as this is the perfect form of expression). Perspective in drawing incorporates subtle angles and uses techniques such as linear perspective, curvature or foreshortening to create the illusion of depth without overcomplicating the design.

3. Simplistic Geometry

You can create the illusion of structure and depth with the simplest shape patterns. By using simplistic geometry, designers are able to create logos that are simultaneously easy to memorise and stand out with bright colours.

A little geometry goes a long way, and their ability to communicate universally can support any brand’s overall message.

4. Divergent Letters

Logos that are based around a typeface have gained popularity. By making the brand name the entire focus of the logo, this increases its impact and longevity. Designers have become more creative with how they exaggerate certain letters or punctuation marks within a logo, for example by using a subtle change of colour on the dot of the ‘i’, or any of the below:

5. Portraiture

A lot of designers are turning to portraiture that authentically represents race, culture, gender, or even iconic famous faces. This assists the emotional connection we make with a brand; people intuitively seek out other faces, and that is why portraits are useful for establishing a connection in design and expressing what a brand stands for.

6. Symmetry

Balance is one of the essential principles of logo design. The simple explanation for our attraction to symmetry is that it is familiar; symmetrical objects and images play by the rules that our brains are programmed to recognise easily. Pristine symmetry is a new trend that is very aesthetically pleasing for us all.

7. Eccentric Characters

While logo designers are leading in the representation of real people, many others in 2021 are contrasting this by leaning towards caricature. There has recently been a rise in outlandish, illustrative logos – these are perfect for tech companies, street food businesses and other businesses with a strong visual culture.

8. Static Motion

Static motion means an increase in motion tracers, fluid shapes, splatter particles and action lines to enhance movement. For innovative business such as tech brands or music producers this is one logo trend that makes you stand out from the crowd. It reminds customers that your brand is way more than just a product: it’s an experience with endless possibilities.

9. Psychedelia

Psychedelia derives from the Latin ‘psyche’ (meaning ‘mind’) and the Greek ‘delos’ (‘to manifest/awaken the mind’). The psychedelic movement began in the mid-1960s and had an overarching effect on popular culture; namely music, fashion, art and design.

Psychedelia is excessively colourful, using intricate abstractions and distorted shapes. It’s no wonder designers are looking to expand minds in 2021, revisiting art scenes of the ‘60s with a new psychedelic wave.

10. Nature

Graphic design is going green: the outside world will be making its way inside. 2021’s graphic design trends will see leafy motifs, earthy palettes and landscape illustrations. This trend is hugely popular with skincare, gin brands and other products that combine natural elements with their offering.

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