Birthday blog

It’s our 21st Birthday!

You may have heard or seen on our social media accounts that we are celebrating our 21st birthday this year.


That’s twenty-one years of being in the print and creative design industry!

As our 21st birthday is a milestone for our business, we thought we would talk about how Media Village started,

our best moments and what we think will happen before our 22nd birthday.

So let’s take it back to where it all started and talk you through the MV journey…

We managed to catch our very busy MD, Steve Shread, and sat down with him for a chat about all things Media Village!

It is unquestionable that a Navy environment compared to the printing industry has quite a few drastic differences. As Steve, our MD, started as a Electrical Engineer in the Navy, we asked him how and if the Navy prepared him in any way for his role at Media Village.

Steve tells me that

“You are constantly interacting with a huge variety of individuals under hard circumstances.”

This helps you to develop how to live and communicate with many different personalities under any circumstances, no matter how intense the pressure may be.

Steve adds

“This experience naturally made us all born to be in customer service and great at communicating with customers,which has helped us a lot in the print industry.”

As we all know industries change, businesses develop and our overall environment adapts. So my next question to Steve was how has the printing industry changed since he has been part of it.

He proclaimed,


“The industry has changed massively, “ he repeated.

Back in 1990, photocopiers and colour printers were seen as a luxury and only printing companies had these, faxing documents and owning a fax machine could make you a lot of money, as it was big business at the time and the first mobile phone was the size of a brick.

As times changed, faxing quickly became a thing of the past and everyone had a coloured printer at the end of their desk alongside with a photocopier in the office.

Steve informed me,

“In order to keep the company relevant with the times and to make sure we provided a service that everyone still valued, we began to expand what we could offer to suit this.”

Additional services such as web design, graphic design and creative marketing were added to our list of services and Media Village grew successfully because of this.

Steve proudly addressed that,

“We are now one of the leading companies in the North West that do everything in house”

From: litho printing, vehicle signage, printing, colour printing, cad scans, mug design, graphic design, photography, web design, email campaigns, content marketing, proof reading and even drone footage the list goes on…


After asking Steve to narrow down his most memorable moment at Media Village, I quickly realised that this was a very difficult question. As Steve has had so many memorable moments at Media Village, purchasing new machines is memorable, extending the business is memorable and even gaining a new customer is memorable for Media Village.

But to narrow it down Steve decided that one of his most memorable moments would be when Nick Oakley left the Royal Navy after 25 years of being a Commander of a nuclear submarine to join the Media Village team!

Now that’s commitment.

Now I know this blog is all about the history of Media Village but we always like to look towards the future too.

Before our 22nd birthday, we predict a larger amount of staff, a larger turnover and a cohesive community feel within the new building plans we have.

Steve states,

“All the staff will be together, building a community of creative people closer together with a new impressively designed environment to work in.”

So apart from being the only place in the North West that does everything in house, this is not the only thing that makes the Media Village stand out from the rest.

Steve adds,

“It is also the great quality and the dedication of the staff and directors which is outstanding.” 

This dedication is shown in the quality of our work, the morale of the staff and the recommendations / reviews we receive from customers.

Steve finished the chat with three words that sum up the Media Village

Proactive, Dedicated and Innovative

Not a bad choice at all

Happy 21st Birthday to us!