Does your branding scare away customers?

You can forget scary clowns, zombies and haunted houses; bad branding itself can be enough on its own to scare away your customers. After all, perception is everything and it starts with your logo (which is unable to take off its mask).

Your branding is equivalent to telling a story, so this story needs to resonate with your customers, leave them intrigued and wanting to find out more about your business. Let’s not make your story a horror one after all, even if it is Halloween!

It is understandable for your brand image to have gathered a few cobwebs over the years and to have struggled to keep up with the ever-growing competition. However, it is important that you dust off those cobwebs from time to time and make a killer brand others are jealous of.

There are many reasons which indicate that it is time for a change, we understand that change can be daunting; just the thought of it can give you nightmares. Regardless of the fear of change, if your brand identity no longer represents what you stand for as a business this is a key reason to change So, let’s overcome the fear of change and take a look at a seven reasons to refresh your brand. 

1.Has your company mission changed?

Your mission, vision and values should always be at the centre of every decision you make. But this doesn’t mean your mission, vision and values have to be set in stone and never adapted. You may find the direction of your brand shifting and with constant competition you may decide to take a different approach to what your brand stands for. All of this, without a doubt is fine but does your brand image reflect this change? You can’t just leave it behind to gather cobwebs, suffer in silence and hope for the best. 

Everything from your logo to your tagline, voice, message, and personality should reflect your mission. When people ask you what you do: answer them with your brand mission statement.

Let’s take a look at an example… 

Earlier this year, BT launched a brand new logo and identity, although this new logo was slated by some for its simplicity, the image change formed part of a new full corporate identity system. The simplicity of the logo reflected BT’s new-found mission of making everything simple and straightforward for their customers. The new bolder logotype and the roundel white space within the symbol allows the logo to be printed over multiple backgrounds, which again is a subtle link to their new mission of being “more than just a telecommunication company”. 

2. The needs of your customers have changed

A marketing transformation is underway as we spend more time on our mobiles, tablets and laptops. The challenge for brands is to connect with customers through all these devices in real time and create a strong brand that works across social media, display advertising and e-commerce.

If the needs of your customers have changed, this is a crucial reason to consider a rebrand. Your original customers may now be looking for different things, have different buying habits and this may lead to a different perception of your business. As you will be aware it is important to add value to your customers at every step of their journey with you. Therefore, if your brand image no longer resonates with them or even adds the tiniest bit of value – don’t sit back and scare them away, do something about it. 

Today’s consumers already expect a seamless experience from consideration to purchase to customer service. They also expect convenience now, it isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s an essential. We live in a time where there is a need for speed and nobody has enough time. You may need to adapt your brand in order to just simply keep up.

3. Outdated image

A fresh new image can do wonders and your image may have outgrown its effectiveness. Even Pennywise and Carrie had a makeover to guarantee to scare their new audience. Change can be difficult to commit to, but everybody needs to make changes eventually to own their place in the industry.

For example, UK department store Debenhams had their first rebrand since 1999 earlier this year, as they wanted to target a younger, more dynamic generation as their image was outdated. 

4. No originality – can’t stand out

Lost your sense of originality? How do you expect to stand out? Don’t give your customers the shivers, instead give them a reason to sit up, stop hiding behind the cushions and take notice of you. There are plenty of ways to tell whether your audience have moved on and are no longer interested in your brand (the obvious is the steady decline in sales you may have seen). 

Keeping it fresh and original can be hard from time to time, we all hit creative blocks, struggle to brainstorm, think outside the box and all that jazz. Regardless of this, creative businesses like ours are waiting to help you stand out, it’s what we do and it’s what pays the bills at the end of the day. 

5. You have merged with another company 

As we mentioned previously, every company’s mission is unique, therefore if you have merged with another company it is important that your image now reflects one cohesive image.

There are important factors you should consider when merging with another company such as;

  • How successful is the business you are merging with?
  • Do they have similar values to you?
  • Do they offer similar products/ services?
  • Are your target audiences different?

6. You are offering new services/ products

If you’re not the same company you were a few years ago, why do you still look like it? If your products or services have changed, it’s also likely that you need to get through to new customers or break into a totally new market. Don’t go in looking like you don’t belong there! New potential customers may think your brand is confusing if it doesn’t relate well to the new market or what you’re trying to sell. They’ll choose someone else with clearer direction.

You may not always need to rebrand when switching directions, but if you started out as a plumbing company and changed into a general contracting company, you don’t want your logo to be a wrench or pipe, right?

7. You want to target a new audience

As time has gone on your target audience may have shifted, changed direction and their preferences could have completely altered. Therefore, this is another valid reason for a rebrand in order to target this new audience successfully. 

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