What’s your comeback plan?

During these difficult times, it’s natural to find yourself contemplating what the future holds and how you can regain some control from a business perspective.

Despite the day-to-day anxieties such circumstances can bring, we are all learning to adapt to our ‘new normal’. With spare time plentiful, many of us are seizing the opportunity to stay optimistic, challenge ourselves, gain knowledge and create a comeback plan to prepare businesses for an ambiguous future. 

It is no surprise that in the midst of crisis, 69% of UK organisations have experienced a drop in demand for their products and services; however, what may surprise you is that a number of businesses have decided to reduce and, in some cases, abandon marketing altogether.

Although this is an understandable response, we believe that your marketing strategy or business plan is still valuable – it just needs adjustment, so don’t give up just yet! By rethinking your approach you could, in fact, open the door to future opportunities. Looking at problems from a different perspective can encourage a positive outcome in both business and life.

It is for this reason we believe there has never been a better time to invest in marketing, digital marketing and social media. COVID-19 is not the only reason to go digital – it’s one of the best ways to fulfil your business goals. With more people online than ever, your online presence is now your mainline to a maximised target audience.

As your industry may be affected by the fear of spending, start by reimagining your business. Consumer behaviour is changing and nobody can predict how your customers will respond in the current climate. 

It’s important that your business offers value in order to maintain its position within the industry. Don’t be scared to try new methods or change your offerings, so you’re not stuck in the past and you can concentrate on your comeback. Many businesses have gone to extreme lengths to keep their doors open and generate cash flow by finding ways to adapt their offerings. Some businesses across the world have even gone as far as creating brand new products to meet demands that weren’t there  before.

It’s now time to try as many of the following methods as possible:

  • Develop a new marketing strategy
  • Redefine your business plan 
  • Research and understand a new audience
  • Develop new products to meet the current demand 
  • Create relevant, engaging content
  • Upskill your team to be stronger than ever. 

Moreover, it’s important to communicate with your current customers. People need extra information, guidance and support as they navigate a set of challenges alongside maintaining normality and safety at home. They want a company they can trust and rely on for what they need right now. 

Read up on your customer base’s needs and put yourself in their position. What can you offer them at this time? Whether that might be goods or supportive content, they may need to hear from you now.

How you treat your relationship with customers and employees at this time will be remembered: ensure the lasting impression is positive. 

The easiest way to do this starts with the content you publish. Try adapting your tone of voice to focus on care, connection and value. Does your content  offer guidance or value? Use this to help customers find what they need, with the benefit of reminding them you’re still around!

Businesses who embrace change in their company culture are more likely to succeed during these times. So, don’t be scared to adapt and embrace it in your own way.

Here are  some examples of businesses who have adapted their offering and tone of voice successfully:

Online Fashion

Major online fashion companies have reacted to the decline in ‘going out’ clothes by placing chic ‘loungewear’ at the forefront of their campaigns. After all, getting dressed up while working from home is said to help you get into the ‘work mindset’ and define boundaries between work and leisure – all while lifting your mood.


The multinational brewery and pub chain have started producing sanitiser to help with global shortages, delivering to those in need. Brew Dog’s founder, James Watt, states the company “are determined to do everything we can to try and help as many people as possible stay safe”. Brew Dog have now donated over 50,000 units to the NHS and local charities.

Ikea- #ImStayingHome

IKEA are perhaps the most popular homeware brand. IKEA Spain wanted to pay tribute to our homes by demonstrating that home is the place that always has the most memories and it will be here for us no matter what

Finally, research what your competitors are doing and find an opportunity in a niche they haven’t discovered. Consumers do not expect companies to stop advertising, they just expect you to adapt and still be visible. Find your brand position, identify your newfound strengths and, most of all, create a comeback that’s bigger than ever before – starting now.

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