A look back at 2019

As 2020 is quickly creeping up on us all, it won’t be long until we are in the month of January and 2019 feels like a distant memory. Therefore, we wanted to acknowledge and somewhat celebrate everything we have achieved as individuals and as a team at Media Village this year.

Whilst reminiscing on the events and memories, we realise that we have had quite an impressive year!


So, let’s start with the fact that four new faces joined our team this year, and what a difference they have made!

We welcomed

  • This year we welcomed Chris, our in-house Web Designer who has already created a number of successful websites for our loyal customers, updated the Media Village website and quite frankly never stopped talking since he walked through the door.
  • Claudia joined our Admin/Estimating department and is doing an amazing job communicating with customers and suppliers, managing work orders and offering exceptional customer service every day!
  • 2020 brought us a new addition to our Sales team, Anthony. We soon realised that Anthony was a great addition to the team with a background in the creative industry and video production. He also started the brew kitty, so we decided he could stay.

We celebrated

As well as a team and a company, we would like to acknowledge our personal developments and some of the milestones are employees have achieved this year.

  • Our Operations Director Michael got engaged to his fiancée Laura
  • Our Sales Administrator Oliver passed his Level 4 apprenticeship in Business Admin
  • Our Proofreader Lyndsey got engaged AND married to her fiancé Kev

We were awarded…

During 2019 we were privileged to receive three award nominations from The Bibas for Small Business Of the year , Hyndburn Business Awards for Small Business of the year and Downtown in Businss awards for Creative Business of the year.

We successfully claimed the title of Creative business of the year at Downton in Business awards and the trophy now sits in all its glory on our office shelf. Held at Stanley House Hotel & Spa in Blackburn, the awards brought together the best businesses across Lancashire from a diverse range of sectors.

This award was nominated by the public and winning the award was dependent on how many votes each company received. We received an outstanding number of votes from the public and couldn’t have been happier with the result.

That’s not all we celebrated this year, In June we received our 5 star Google rating!

We started the year with just 5 Google reviews and have ended the year with an outstanding 60 5 star Google reviews, which is a testament to our hard work this year

We made the news…

We recieved coverage from Lancashire Business View and Print Week. 

Click the links to view the full articles

We hosted and attended…

Starting in January we even held our first ever networking event here at Media Village HQ.

Tea, coffee and the conversation flowed as we welcomed over 50 attendees to our creative office. The evening was a huge success for both us and East Lancashire Chamber and a great opportunity to welcome everyone to our creative office space.

As well as hosting, we also networked, socialised and recently held a creative seminar.

  • Sales reps networking
  • Creative seminar
  • Glug

We invested…

We got creative…

We did our bit for charity…

In between all of that, we also did this..

A look back at 2018

As 2019 is quickly creeping up on us all, it won’t be long until we are in the month of January and 2018 feels like a distant memory. Therefore, we wanted to acknowledge and somewhat celebrate everything we have achieved as individuals, as a team and as Media Village this year.

Whilst reminiscing on the events and memories of this year, we realise that we have had quite an impressive year!


So, let’s start with the fact that six new faces joined our team this year and what a difference they have made!

New faces.

  • April 2018 brought us the arrival of a new Marketing Executive, Amy Hughes. Bringing our social media to life, creating campaigns and promoting the Media Village services is all part of Amy’s role.
  • Paige made her place in the Proofing department; with a keen eye for detail and her own creative flair, Paige quite quickly became a vital member of our team. As well as proofreading, Paige has a passion for playing netball and is also an amazing artist!
  • Melissa joined our Accounts department and does an amazing job in controlling the finances and keeping everything running smoothly (oh, and paying us all on time!).
  • Although Molly is now our youngest member of the team, at just 19, her graphic design skills and knowledge contributes to the team’s success hugely.
  • Harrison also claimed his well-deserved spot in the studio; having recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, his knowledge and his own unique design style adds a fresh approach to the studio.
  • July brought us a new addition to our Sales team, Stuart. We soon realised that Stuart knew anyone and everyone, so it wasn’t hard to have a good chat and get along with him!
  • Colm ( who’s character is currently pending) joined our printing/production team and now works alongside Neil in our Photomechanical department.

New office.

With brand new team members and an ever-growing creative team, we needed more space! After months of hard work, physical labour, loud noises and re-assembling, this year marked the year we created our own brand new office environment – and what an office it is!

When choosing the design of our new office environment, we engaged the whole team in adding bespoke desks, personal office decor and a new open-plan space that would increase collaboration. This was a momentous moment of 2018 that all our team had worked hard to achieve, and wow, did it pay off!

You can read all about our brand new office space in the recent press release.

We know that 2019 will involve showing off our new home, hosting networking events and making the most of our new space, so watch this space and wait for your invite.

New technology

2018 also brought us the investment in new printing technology in order to meet our customers’ needs. We are now home to a brand new Konica Minolta, which enables us to print up to 630mm wide, and the potential this has given us for future and current print jobs has been very exciting.

new machine

New award nominations.

We attended the LBV Sub 36 awards all thanks to our Studio Manager, Nathan Littler, who was successfully nominated for not one, but TWO awards. So he dug out his best paisley shirt and we headed to the famous seaside resort of Blackpool to attend this prestigious event at The Winter Gardens.


Nathan was nominated for Employee of the Year Award and Customer Champion Award; although he wasn’t successful this year, who knows what 2019 will bring? And with Nathan’s determination and passion for design, who knows what he may achieve?

But that’s not all: as well as attending an awards ceremony as nominees, our Production Director, Aaron Shread, also did a bit of judging (and BIBA bending) this year. Aaron was asked to be an official judge at the BIBA awards; he officially judged the Leisure and Tourism award.

As well as hiring new staff, moving offices and being nominated for awards, our team also got up to a few other momentous moments such as;


  • Giving birth! 2018 brought us TWO new Media Village babies, with our Account Manager, Lauren, giving birth to a gorgeous little boy named Freddie. It is clear to see that Freddie hasn’t struggled to make himself at home in our offices.

Secondly, our Photographer and Studio Manager, Michelle, gave birth to a beautiful girl named Ebony Mae, which of course meant our MD, Steve, had another beautiful granddaughter to welcome to the world of print and design.

Ross took his well-deserved place as Vice President at his BNI group.

His group made some amazing achievements this year!

It’s safe to say we did our bit for charity…

OH! and…

We organised, collected and donated a grand total of 868 meals to Blackburn Foodbank this Christmas!

We did a bit of globe hopping too,

Two of our Graphic Designers also got up to some pretty impressive things this year. Starting with Georgia, who casually climbed Snowdon one weekend…

Additionally, Sara also went on the trip of a lifetime and travelled around America. You can see some of her amazing photographs from this trip here and on our social media.

Tom, our former Account Manager, said his goodbyes this year and moved to the other side of the world to pursue his travelling ambitions. Although this was a huge loss for the Media Village, we wish Tom all the best on his travels and hope to see him back in our new office one day.

In between all of that, we did this..

We attended a Masquerade ball organised by The Mall Blackburn for their Retailer Awards of the Year. We work very closely with The Mall Blackburn, providing them with signage, advertisements, print and design work. Therefore, it was great to be invited to such an amazing event.


We got our quiz on at the annual BYZ Quiz Quest in association with Cummins Mellor. We had prepped for the big moment all year (mainly in the pub after work on a Friday) and our team did us very proud finishing in the top 10.

Successfully hosted and organised a #BigBrewUp and ate lots of cake – for a good cause, of course! We raised £170.00 for SSAFA charity, which if you are not aware of is a charity for the armed forces. With our military background and Steve Shread, our MD, being a loyal member of the Royal Navy for many years, this charity was very close to our hearts.


We turned 21 this year so we looked back on our history, what we had achieved and celebrated our 21st birthday!

Our studio got creative…

We captured some amazing moments…

BRING ON 2019…

A powerful partnership for the future.

The engineer walked into a creative agency… sounds like the start of a bad joke, right? Although this scenario is normally quite uncommon, the traits an engineer and, for example, a graphic designer share could be the start of an impressive partnership for future business growth.

The desire to figure things out and be creative is in the bones of both a creative agency and an engineering business, coupled with problem solving (which is always second nature in both of these industries). Their matching natural curiosity about how and why things work fuels their impressive designs for their customers and powers this partnership.

Some may disagree; in various engineering disciplines, the concepts of design and engineering are segregated and seen as completely different outlooks. In other words you are either ‘creative’ or ‘practical’ – you can’t combine the two, apparently. However, we have proven this wrong: we have worked successfully with national engineering companies, sticking to all of their traditional business values but also guiding them on how to stand out in a creative world.

With a team of seven designers at Media Village, we know that our designers create work for customers that follow a specification of requirements in order to satisfy their needs. Alongside this, engineers undoubtedly translate those designs in a technical way to satisfy their customer’s needs, too. Finally, both roles plan out their creation before implementing it in any format for their customers.

We discovered that 40% of engineers are actively looking for engineering content on social media – the nature of sitting back and relying on referrals has well and truly disappeared. Therefore, engineers are now looking towards creative agencies, graphic designers and marketeers to help them produce content that speaks and sells to their audience

How we can mould this partnership ?

Today is the day to start creating that partnership that really could adapt your engineering company for the future. Without changing your business objective or even second-guessing your business values, a creative agency can help bring out the best in your business through impressive creative design.

In the past, sitting back and relying on referrals was enough to make impressive profits for each business month – however, times have changed; technology has advanced and businesses honestly need to keep up to date or risk failure. Old school traditional methods of marketing and networking now have to adapt to keep up with creative agency methods. Therefore, traditional trade agencies like engineering businesses sometimes feel a bit lost when it comes to brainstorming creative ideas.

Our precision, attention to detail and need to be creative works well with those in the engineering trade. We understand the way you work and can design to translate this for your specific audience.

Engineers are creators who love a challenge

What on earth can a creative agency do for an engineering business?

It is well known that people often doubt the fact that engineers may need to work with a creative agency, but if you look at the services a creative agency offers they fit the vast services that an engineering company also has to offer perfectly. For example, vehicle livery sometimes can be the best marketing asset for your engineering company as you are always out on the road attending appointments; this can be a huge marketing opportunity for your business and enable your brand awareness to grow massively.

Another example would be marketing for trade shows. Engineers often attend trade shows – whether this may be to run a stand themselves or just use it as a networking opportunity – either way, we could help. A creative agency can provide you with a pile of well-designed business cards, promotionally branded gifts to exchange with professional networks, and everything you could possibly need to run a stall!

The facilities we have at Media Village can really make a difference for an engineering company; we can easily print your engineering plans in both colour and black & white from a PDF file. Whether these are building plans, model plans or any form of engineering plan document, these can be printed to a high quality, at a low cost. At Media Village we offer a next day service with postal delivery available for documents printed in sizes up to A0 (1189mm x 841mm).

We understand that engineering is a visual job, and with an in-house photography studio we know that we can provide you with professional photography to highlight your products, services and really make your business stand out from the rest.

Take the next step…

Consequently, social media, advertising and marketing itself is always changing with fierce competition and constant exposure. Companies like engineering businesses have started to realise that they should be prioritising their marketing and creative strategies. However, we understand that sometimes it may not be in your nature and you just simply want to get on with the job in hand. But that’s where we can help, it’s what we dedicate our time to and it’s how we can help your engineering business keep up with the times and successfully grow.

So why not give us a call, drop us an email or pop in to see us?

It’s time to start talking about your business today!

Click HERE to get started

Learning the language of a Graphic Designer

The language of Graphic Designers

You may now be fluent in the language of print from our previous blog, so let’s add another language and allow you to become multilingual by learning the language of a designer. With the language of print and design under your belt, who needs French and Spanish? Firstly, design is a way to organise forms to communicate a message; a graphic designer is the medium between these processes, so communicating well with them is crucial. Just like trying to learn French at school, designers have their very own language that non-designers struggle to get their head around.


Common terms like “bleed and kerning” may be dropped into everyday conversation by designers as second nature – but it is more than likely that most people won’t understand these terms and feel a bit lost.

Although the language of print and a design work closely in synergy, designers use common terms and abbreviations when referring to fonts, computer files, resolution and spacing which printers may not need to use.

As you may have realised from using printing terminology, using these abbreviations can save a lot of time and effort when it comes to communicating with a design agency

This could even save you from constructing a lengthy email asking your designer: “Please can you decrease the space between the letters and increase the space between the lines of text?”

Alternatively, you could just say, “Please decrease the kerning and increase leading on this page.”

Much easier, isn’t it?

So let’s teach you what that actually means to help the conversations you have with your designer flow effortlessly.

Tell your untold story

An impressive overhead photo no doubt grabs some attention, however aerial photography and video has greatly advanced from photography masts to the introduction of drones. Drones are everywhere; delivering parcels, filming movies, being used in medicine and even helping to sell properties

Whatever industry you are in, drone footage can help you in some way. For example, if you own a golf course, an impressive overhead drone video can highlight the  breathtaking view of your grounds from hole one right through to hole eighteen

Some of the most successful companies in the UK are incorporating drones  into their business strategy and benefiting hugely from their outstanding results. It goes without saying that drones are an excellent tool for capturing elevated videos that tell your story in a creative way people can’t ignore. Whatever the footage may be, from a holiday rental property to the education sector; this illustrates to  potential customers how your product or services benefits them in a new and refreshing way.

The first country to manufacture drones was Israel. 


We understand that standing out from the crowd can be difficult, with 3.010 billion users online and an average of 6,000 tweets being posted each second, using a drone makes your marketing content an immersive and engaging experience, which in return certainly makes you stand out! As a result, statistics show that 64% of buyers want to purchase a product or service after viewing an impressive video.

So, while the weather is nice and summer is finally here, why not take this opportunity to record some impressive drone footage that captures your business in a whole new and exciting light.

Members of the Media Village team have completed the CAA certification for commercial drone photography; this involved a three day course consisting of a written and verbal examination.

This has opened up more creative opportunities for Media Village, as we now have the ability to offer drone services alongside our other creative services to all our customers. The drone work we have completed so far has presented many businesses in a modern, professional way and made them stand out creatively within their industries.

There could be 30,000 drones overhead in the U.S. by 2020, reports the Washington Times.

Finally, drones are expanding the scope of what’s possible to capture on camera, the angles you can reach and the views you can show to your customers. By working closely with our creative studio, our CAA certified pilots create photography and video that depicts your company at its best. Our multi-talented team can provide storyboards, editing, copywriting and voiceovers. The end product is footage of unrivalled quality that will maximise your marketing reach and potential.

So what are you waiting for?


6 easy ways to increase engagement by using print and design.

With disengaged employees being four times more likely to leave their companies than an engaged employee, every company or educational facility wants their staff or pupils to be motivated and engaged in the workplace. Engagement can be the key to reducing staff turnover, boosting employee engagement and increasing morale.

It’s no secret that a highly engaged workforce will help a business project the right ethos as well as increasing turnover and profit levels.

Engaged people go above and beyond what is expected of them because they feel like they are valued and have a purpose each day. They feel part of the company and want to help it achieve its goals and are conscious of how the company is perceived within the industry.

However, we completely understand that not everybody jumps out of bed on a Monday morning, and some days you need a bit of motivation to get you through. It can be easy to lose engagement when focusing on replying to emails, answering phone calls and working through your day to day tasks, which can sometimes be quite stressful.

So why not start with these six easy ways to increase engagement with the help of print and design…

1.Visuals/ Posters in the workplace

It is scientifically proven that we are psychologically wired to respond more immediately and emotively to visual communications. Although being distracted at work may be considered a bad thing, if you make the object of your employees’ distraction an inspiring poster that motivates them to carry on, then, as a result, this can boost productivity.


Furthermore, adding visually pleasing posters and designs to your walls can brighten up the working area and deliver a certain message to your employees every day. By simply asking your employees what inspires and motivates them, you can consider designing motivational posters at a low cost as a way to motivate your staff. Using memorable, visual print and design in your working environment can deliver your key message and company values at just the right time and in the right place.

We understand that everybody learns differently and also everybody has different things that        motivate them in life. However, some pupils/staff may be visual learners and need well-designed, vibrant posters around the office or classroom to increase their motivation and learning. As a result of this, we have worked with many schools, colleges and educational establishments over the years to bring their working environments to life with the help of print and design.

2. Branding in the workplace

Using branding around the workplace building can make people feel proud and want to be involved with the company’s growth and success.

Branding can be incorporated into your working environment in a number of ways, and using the company logo and other parts of your brand is a great way to convey the identity of the business throughout your building and inspire your staff/pupils.


However, it doesn’t have to be just your company logo or name, if you want something more quirky we can use motivational quotes or images that you feel represent the company. We can consider words and phrases that you feel describe your core values or certain messages that you know inspire your pupils to keep going.

Another option is branded work clothing, when your employees wear you brand every day they hold a sense of pride towards your company. By personalising your employees’ work uniform, you are not only gaining exposure for your brand but also improving your employees’ commitment towards the business.


Employee newsletters keep everybody ‘in the loop’, knowing the inside company news and feeling part of the team. We can produce newsletters for your company, internal newsletters for your employees, or external newsletters for your customers. We believe that companies can use internal newsletters as an opportunity to reinforce the tone of the positive working environment and even include tips on outside related topics, such as healthy eating. By including topics such as `healthy tips for your employees’, this can be helpful to show that the company values the health of its employees.

4. Whiteboards/ notice boards

Employee feedback and suggestions are a great way of communicating with staff; notice boards/whiteboards are a great idea to give your employees the chance to do this. These whiteboards can be used for many different purposes such as idea boards, project boards, to celebrate achievements, social events and even daily trivia questions within the office.

We can offer bespoke branded notice and project boards which allow everyone to keep up-to-date and have a platform to express their opinions.

5. Surveys

Surveys give your employees a chance to voice their opinions about anything they need too. Although some of this may not be nice to hear sometimes, it is always important to adapt your environment to make sure your employees are completely happy. We can produce professional surveys for you that highlight questions you should be asking your employees; to make sure they are content in the workplace. For example, asking employees what you could have in the office that would motivate them could help you in the future to adapt their workplace.

Additionally, designing surveys to target pupils can be a great way to give them an opportunity to speak up about any queries or topics that may want to discuss privately.

6. Wall graphics/ floor vinyls

Bright and engaging wall graphics can help improve mood and retention within the office/learning environment.

Whether you design your lunch room to energise workers on breaks, or decorate your conference room to boost team creativity during meetings, you can use positive visuals and design to make your work space a place for creativity and innovation to foster.

Give your employees/pupils something visually pleasing, something to change your normal four walls that they may be bored of looking at every single day.

Birthday blog

It’s our 21st Birthday!

You may have heard or seen on our social media accounts that we are celebrating our 21st birthday this year.


That’s twenty-one years of being in the print and creative design industry!

As our 21st birthday is a milestone for our business, we thought we would talk about how Media Village started,

our best moments and what we think will happen before our 22nd birthday.

So let’s take it back to where it all started and talk you through the MV journey…

We managed to catch our very busy MD, Steve Shread, and sat down with him for a chat about all things Media Village!

It is unquestionable that a Navy environment compared to the printing industry has quite a few drastic differences. As Steve, our MD, started as a Electrical Engineer in the Navy, we asked him how and if the Navy prepared him in any way for his role at Media Village.

Steve tells me that

“You are constantly interacting with a huge variety of individuals under hard circumstances.”

This helps you to develop how to live and communicate with many different personalities under any circumstances, no matter how intense the pressure may be.

Steve adds

“This experience naturally made us all born to be in customer service and great at communicating with customers,which has helped us a lot in the print industry.”

As we all know industries change, businesses develop and our overall environment adapts. So my next question to Steve was how has the printing industry changed since he has been part of it.

He proclaimed,


“The industry has changed massively, “ he repeated.

Back in 1990, photocopiers and colour printers were seen as a luxury and only printing companies had these, faxing documents and owning a fax machine could make you a lot of money, as it was big business at the time and the first mobile phone was the size of a brick.

As times changed, faxing quickly became a thing of the past and everyone had a coloured printer at the end of their desk alongside with a photocopier in the office.

Steve informed me,

“In order to keep the company relevant with the times and to make sure we provided a service that everyone still valued, we began to expand what we could offer to suit this.”

Additional services such as web design, graphic design and creative marketing were added to our list of services and Media Village grew successfully because of this.

Steve proudly addressed that,

“We are now one of the leading companies in the North West that do everything in house”

From: litho printing, vehicle signage, printing, colour printing, cad scans, mug design, graphic design, photography, web design, email campaigns, content marketing, proof reading and even drone footage the list goes on…


After asking Steve to narrow down his most memorable moment at Media Village, I quickly realised that this was a very difficult question. As Steve has had so many memorable moments at Media Village, purchasing new machines is memorable, extending the business is memorable and even gaining a new customer is memorable for Media Village.

But to narrow it down Steve decided that one of his most memorable moments would be when Nick Oakley left the Royal Navy after 25 years of being a Commander of a nuclear submarine to join the Media Village team!

Now that’s commitment.

Now I know this blog is all about the history of Media Village but we always like to look towards the future too.

Before our 22nd birthday, we predict a larger amount of staff, a larger turnover and a cohesive community feel within the new building plans we have.

Steve states,

“All the staff will be together, building a community of creative people closer together with a new impressively designed environment to work in.”

So apart from being the only place in the North West that does everything in house, this is not the only thing that makes the Media Village stand out from the rest.

Steve adds,

“It is also the great quality and the dedication of the staff and directors which is outstanding.” 

This dedication is shown in the quality of our work, the morale of the staff and the recommendations / reviews we receive from customers.

Steve finished the chat with three words that sum up the Media Village

Proactive, Dedicated and Innovative

Not a bad choice at all

Happy 21st Birthday to us!

Schools/ Education blog.

Your school, your brand let’s make it known

Across the country, schools,colleges and other educational institutions are working harder than ever to ensure their quota for new student enrolment is achieved. With a business focus, the difference in revenue for being at full quota or not is massive

Whilst we are aware that there are many elements as to why students and parents alike choose certain schools, we are also aware that a school’s brand and marketing collateral plays a massive part in this decision.

Your school is actually a brand itself

More than ever, schools are now embracing marketing, public relations and realising the impact their brand has on the decision to choose them.

Schools, academies and educational insitutions now need marketing and creative agencies more than ever , to stand out from the large capacity of schools with some areas saturated with competition.

After providing expert marketing, design and print advice for schools across the country for over 20 years, we are well placed to provide comprehensive, tailored, bespoke advice on how to get your school noticed and noticed the right way.

A brand can help build trust

Although branding is typically associated with businesses; branding and creative marketing is exactly what schools need today to stand out. Your school’s brand is your business card/ sales rep to the outside world; it is how you are identified and how you are remembered.

A professional, well-designed school brand can increase enrolments and improve community engagement. When somebody see’s your school colours, logo or marketing collateral we want it to immediately evoke a positive emotion/action towards it.

Showing your unique

Through working with our creative team we have a process set out to differentiate your brand from other schools by incorporating your uniqueness into it; whether that is your history, your grounds, your academic achievements we can make these features stand out.

We don’t just offer a one solution fits all approach. We instead opt for a tailored, unique service. We ask the right questions and ascertain the right information. It’s so important creatively to understand your schools ethos. What do you represent? What would encourage students to choose you?

What is your ethos and values? All is important when creating design and recommending marketing solutions

Promoting your brand well

The capabilities we have at Media Village make it easy for us to produce your educational materials.

We can make sure your brand is successful and meets the public at every point of contact including external signage, websites, prospectus, letterheads, social media, logo design and much more.

Take a look at some of the work we have done here

School branding | Marketing

So what are you waiting for, let’s make your school brand stand out from the rest!

Logo Design

Is it time for a logo refresh?

Companies, products and services change fast, meaning their brands need to change with them.Not many brands have managed to get this right first time with a logo heavily carrying the burden of a brands impact.

It is important to remain on trend but also always consider your brand values.

A simple logo refresh can go a long way to helping a brand to remain relevant by only needing to change subtle elements.Consistency used to be integral to a successful identity but this can quickly become stale and uninspiring.

Outdated design principles could potentially lead to a full brand redesign being beneficial for your business.

So how do you know if it is time for  logo refresh?

Or should you be considering a redesign?

Nathan Littler, our lead creative at Media Village

has outlined some key points to help you decide

When was your last logo refresh?

An easy question to ask yourself when considering a brand refresh is,

when was my logo last updated?

If the answer is a decade or two, or perhaps you have never had a brand refresh,then the chances are your logo may be due an update.

Has your business grown?

Businesses have to start somewhere and your brand identity probably reflected your service when it began.

However, your business may now have expanded, adding products,services and potentially additional companies.

If this is the case, it is likely your current logo no longer reflects this business growth.

Outdated Brand Ethos and Values.

Your business may have grown and with it developed a new brand ethos

and have a new set of values from when it originated.

Ask yourself, does my logo still reflect the values of the company?

 If not then we can work with you to represent your brand values successfully

New Competitors and New Audiences

Competition within all industry sectors is fierce with new competitors appearing with a fresh brand identity approach.

In turn these competitors are attracting a younger millennial audience.

A logo refresh can ensure you appear modern and up-to-date to keep up with your competitors and appeal to a younger audience.

However, it is important that whilst doing so you remain relatable to your current customer base.

See below just some of the logos we have designed in house

logo design | branding| marketing | Media Village

So why not get started today?

Click HERE to find out more about our logo design & corporate branding services.

We would love to be able to help you make the most of your brand.