Why every small business should send Christmas cards.

December is an important time for almost every business; it can either lead to a huge increase in sales or a quiet spell as people focus their attention elsewhere. Ultimately, when you’re in ‘the thick of it’, frantically trying to get everything done by Christmas, your own Christmas marketing can get pushed aside and ‘just do what we did last year’ becomes the most common phrase.

Throughout the year, small businesses are in constant flux to find ways to stand out and no matter what the festive season means for you, Christmas marketing can be a golden opportunity for a small business to generate awareness.

In a highly digital age, some will rightly question the value of still sending Christmas cards; however we believe that sending a card in such an age acts as an advantage and can speak volumes to your customers. Just one small Christmas card could be the spark that ends up generating more business for you, not just within the festive season but within the upcoming year.

So, here are five reasons why we believe every small business should send Christmas cards…

1. They add value to customers

Christmas is the perfect time to thank your customers for all the support they have shown throughout the year. Professional printed cards show your customer that they’re important enough to deserve a bit of thought, effort and money spent on them.

Everyone loves to receive a card, either through the post or by hand. In this digital and instant world that we all live in, receiving a greeting card can be the most effective way of showing you really care. It also tells some of your newer customers, or potential prospects, that you’re an established business with a budget to spend – and that you’re serious about quality in everything you do.

2. Gives you a reason to update your customer database

Your company Christmas card list is a great opportunity to sort out your customer database.

Customers can often drift away throughout the course of the year; maybe they don’t feel appreciated or just simply forget you. Therefore, every small business should take this opportunity to drop a reminder to those customers you haven’t heard from in a while, thank your most loyal customers or even approach new ones.

Furthermore, once you have sorted out your customer database this could be the catalyst for a whole new approach to your marketing for the coming year

3. It shows your customers that you are real people

The best business relationships have a personal element to them and a personalised Christmas card is one of the easiest ways to remind your customers of this.

For example, why not add a festive company photograph to the front of the card so your customers get to know the faces behind your brand.

Don’t just send out the same generic message to all your customers; tailor each card to offer a bespoke message that is actually relevant to that customer. For example, if the card is being sent to one of your most loyal customers, you could tailor this card to talk about the projects you have worked on together throughout the year.

4. A monthly marketing opportunity

A Christmas e-card may land in a spam folder or ultimately get deleted once read, however a printed Christmas card is more likely to be displayed throughout the whole festive period. This card may be displayed on a notice board, in a living room or on a company desk.

This means if you time your Christmas cards right it can promote your brand, message or services throughout the whole month. 

Additionally, companies quite frequently post images across their social media of the ‘festive activities’ that take place in the office around this time year. Therefore, your branding/ company card may end up also reaching a wider digital audience too.

5.A chance to showcase your creative skills.

As a marketing and design agency, it’s important that our festive message showcases our imagination as well as our creative skills. Sending out a creative campaign is a great way to strengthen your brand message and brand awareness. It’s a time when personality in your brand can really shine.

With an in-house design team we are very grateful to have a variety of creative ideas every year for our Christmas campaigns, which helps us display our ethos and values through our creative.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at our 2019 Christmas brochure filled with creative designs and successful ways to market your small business this festive season.

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