The advantages of document scanning

Document scanning

Document Scanning

There is nothing worse than misplacing that important piece of paper you needed so desperately, or spending practically an hour searching through the filing drawers to find it.

Document scanning not only saves you time, but also protects your information and stores them securely, thousands of files can be stored on a single server and not taking up space in bulky file cabinets.

Therefore, scanning your documents frees up office space so it can be put to better use. That’s why here at Media Village we offer our very own document scanning service.  We are open Monday-Friday 9-5:30pm and can scan the following:

  • Wide Format drawings
  • Large format drawings
  • Architectural drawings
  • Books
  • Photographs
  • Surveys/Forms
  • Invoices
  • Personal documents that you want to keep safe.
  • Manuals

After we have successfully scanned all of your chosen documents there are two options; we can either confidentially recycle the documents on your behalf, or you can take them back with you as well as the digital copy.

As paper documents are especially vulnerable to fires, floods and natural disasters, document scanning offers enhanced disaster recovery for your business information.

Document Scanning

By scanning any of the documents listed above, it can also help productivity in the office environment. It is well-known that clutter decreases productivity and as people say “tidy desk= a tidy mind”, therefore scanning all your documents and keeping digital copies can help de-clutter your office space and increase productivity.

As a result of having digital copies, they can be organised,indexed and produced quickly to meet the demands of any customer, which means any employee can easily search for a keyword and find the correct document straight away which can help you respond to customer requests faster. This saves endless amounts of time searching through the filing cabinet and paper documents.

Digital files can be organised, indexed and produced quickly to meet the demands of any customer.

By scanning them electronically you can also give everyone in your business access, which can help you respond to customer requests faster.

Another advantage of document scanning and keeping digital copies is if your company is ever audited, this can be an easier way of meeting legal and regulatory obligations. You can have organised, indexed easily accessed documents ready to hand for any auditor.


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