Does your social media content spark joy in your target audience?

‘Spark joy’ What on earth does that mean?” If you have absolutely no idea why we ask this question, then sit back and let us introduce you to Marie Kondo and her famous tidying up technique.

Marie Kondo, a Japanese organising consultant and bestselling author, has written several books on organisation. Her books have sold millions of copies and have been translated from Japanese into several languages including Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and English. Her popularity in the UK has undergone exponential growth through her Netflix programme ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. Despite it only being the third month of 2019, this programme has already been named Netflix’s most unpredicted success of the year.

“A programme all about tidying up? Really? How boring!” we hear you say; however, you will be surprised how addictive and almost life-changing this programme can be. Marie Kondo’s tidying up technique has inspired the world to take part in a de-clutter trend (oh, and a Netflix binge)!

Marie Kondo advises messy homeowners to simply say “goodbye” to items that don’t ‘spark joy’ in their life – ultimately de-cluttering their home and lives. This programme emphasises that tidying up can be easier if you follow a structure; it can even be a therapeutic process, as you are urged to express appreciation for your once purposeful belongings before you retire them to the cutting room.

Now that you know who Marie Kondo is, let’s explore how this is relevant to social media (we are getting there, we promise!)

Marie Kondo’s holistic approach to the ‘strategy’ of tidying up can be applied to your social media marketing strategy. If you start by mapping out everything that you want to include and achieve, then you can start to build a successful, organised game plan that works for you and your company. This should help you generate a holistic view of your strategy and how each tactic and decision you make is contributing to the next phase: thus, it can also help you to spot tactics that might be hindering your performance.

So, let’s take Marie Kondo’s approach, shall we?

  • Does your company’s social media ‘spark joy’ to your target audience?
  • When you see your social media posts, are you proud of them?
  • From an outsider’s point of view, would they stand out on a crowded newsfeed?

If the answer to any of the above is “no”, then we think it’s time to thank your social media for its time – delete the unnecessary (don’t go on a frenzy, as Marie Kondo advises against this), make steps to refresh your content, and move on with a well-conceived cleansing process.

So, we want to share with you an easy-to-follow guide that can help you cleanse your social media marketing. Try to follow each stage (See, Think, Do, Delight) as best you can, whilst always aiming to do one of the following:

  • Inspire your audience

  • Educate your audience

  • Entertain your audience

  • Convince your audience


This is the first interaction the potential customer has with your brand or company, therefore it is your decision to inspire, educate or entertain them from the get-go. This decision can be based upon the objective, content and what you aim to achieve from posting this content.

As we all know, first impressions stick – so make it count

2. `Think`

The customer has reached the Think Stage, which means they are actively thinking about your company without being promoted. This is a huge positive for your company and, of course, the marketing team.

So, to develop customer interaction we must decide how next to ‘spark joy’ by taking responsive action that is pertinent to your business’ values and reputation. You must make this decision, bearing in mind who your audience are and what your customer persona is. For example, a corporate law firm at this stage would not try to entertain a potential client with an animal meme, even though we might all have a soft spot for animal memes, this is quite clearly an unsuitable marketing strategy in this field of business.

If you are not sure about your target audience and what they engage with the most, this may involve a little bit of customer research:

One way to convince your customer at this stage could be by outlining the advantages of choosing your services and how these can benefit the potential customer; these advantages may just prove to be the icing on the cake.

Tip – You can always make posts more engaging by using strong visuals, infographics and professional photography. It is proven that when faced with text or images, 65% find the visuals more memorable.

3. `Do`

If we were to consider this stage as a room, Marie Kondo would believe this to be in very near perfect condition – the polishing stage, as it were. Here, we are only left with the refined ideas that ‘spark joy’. In marketing terms, the customer is very close to purchasing what we are offering as a result of this journey: we have inspired and educated them with our perfectly driven content.

Tip – This stage might be a great opportunity to post a questionnaire, educational graphic, or anything of interest to spur them towards the purchase button.

4. `Delight`

This is all about adding that little bit of unexpected value. In a Marie Kondo scenario, the room (or stage) is now spotless; we have scented candles smouldering, fairy lights glowing, and a cake baking in the oven. The joy is well and truly sparked. In our social media ‘room’, the customer has interacted with the content we posted, has been charmed by our driven content, and has made a satisfied purchase with your company.

So, what do you do now? Move on to the next customer?

Or leave them with a small unexpected gesture that adds further value to the whole process for them.

We personally think the second option is the ideal route to take for any business trying to make a lasting, valuable impression on new potential customers.

Not sure what to offer? Take a look at some of our ideas:

  • Exclusive discount codes
  • Money off their next purchase
  • Loyalty cards
  • Free samples

Hopefully a strategy Marie Kondo could be proud of: a holistic approach that can generate great social media content – just small touches that can make a huge difference.