6 easy ways to increase engagement by using print and design.

With disengaged employees being four times more likely to leave their companies than an engaged employee, every company or educational facility wants their staff or pupils to be motivated and engaged in the workplace. Engagement can be the key to reducing staff turnover, boosting employee engagement and increasing morale.

It’s no secret that a highly engaged workforce will help a business project the right ethos as well as increasing turnover and profit levels.

Engaged people go above and beyond what is expected of them because they feel like they are valued and have a purpose each day. They feel part of the company and want to help it achieve its goals and are conscious of how the company is perceived within the industry.

However, we completely understand that not everybody jumps out of bed on a Monday morning, and some days you need a bit of motivation to get you through. It can be easy to lose engagement when focusing on replying to emails, answering phone calls and working through your day to day tasks, which can sometimes be quite stressful.

So why not start with these six easy ways to increase engagement with the help of print and design…

1.Visuals/ Posters in the workplace

It is scientifically proven that we are psychologically wired to respond more immediately and emotively to visual communications. Although being distracted at work may be considered a bad thing, if you make the object of your employees’ distraction an inspiring poster that motivates them to carry on, then, as a result, this can boost productivity.


Furthermore, adding visually pleasing posters and designs to your walls can brighten up the working area and deliver a certain message to your employees every day. By simply asking your employees what inspires and motivates them, you can consider designing motivational posters at a low cost as a way to motivate your staff. Using memorable, visual print and design in your working environment can deliver your key message and company values at just the right time and in the right place.

We understand that everybody learns differently and also everybody has different things that        motivate them in life. However, some pupils/staff may be visual learners and need well-designed, vibrant posters around the office or classroom to increase their motivation and learning. As a result of this, we have worked with many schools, colleges and educational establishments over the years to bring their working environments to life with the help of print and design.

2. Branding in the workplace

Using branding around the workplace building can make people feel proud and want to be involved with the company’s growth and success.

Branding can be incorporated into your working environment in a number of ways, and using the company logo and other parts of your brand is a great way to convey the identity of the business throughout your building and inspire your staff/pupils.


However, it doesn’t have to be just your company logo or name, if you want something more quirky we can use motivational quotes or images that you feel represent the company. We can consider words and phrases that you feel describe your core values or certain messages that you know inspire your pupils to keep going.

Another option is branded work clothing, when your employees wear you brand every day they hold a sense of pride towards your company. By personalising your employees’ work uniform, you are not only gaining exposure for your brand but also improving your employees’ commitment towards the business.


Employee newsletters keep everybody ‘in the loop’, knowing the inside company news and feeling part of the team. We can produce newsletters for your company, internal newsletters for your employees, or external newsletters for your customers. We believe that companies can use internal newsletters as an opportunity to reinforce the tone of the positive working environment and even include tips on outside related topics, such as healthy eating. By including topics such as `healthy tips for your employees’, this can be helpful to show that the company values the health of its employees.

4. Whiteboards/ notice boards

Employee feedback and suggestions are a great way of communicating with staff; notice boards/whiteboards are a great idea to give your employees the chance to do this. These whiteboards can be used for many different purposes such as idea boards, project boards, to celebrate achievements, social events and even daily trivia questions within the office.

We can offer bespoke branded notice and project boards which allow everyone to keep up-to-date and have a platform to express their opinions.

5. Surveys

Surveys give your employees a chance to voice their opinions about anything they need too. Although some of this may not be nice to hear sometimes, it is always important to adapt your environment to make sure your employees are completely happy. We can produce professional surveys for you that highlight questions you should be asking your employees; to make sure they are content in the workplace. For example, asking employees what you could have in the office that would motivate them could help you in the future to adapt their workplace.

Additionally, designing surveys to target pupils can be a great way to give them an opportunity to speak up about any queries or topics that may want to discuss privately.

6. Wall graphics/ floor vinyls

Bright and engaging wall graphics can help improve mood and retention within the office/learning environment.

Whether you design your lunch room to energise workers on breaks, or decorate your conference room to boost team creativity during meetings, you can use positive visuals and design to make your work space a place for creativity and innovation to foster.

Give your employees/pupils something visually pleasing, something to change your normal four walls that they may be bored of looking at every single day.