Get Ready for Xmas

For many business owners the beginning of December marks the start of the Xmas period and it is without doubt one of the best times to market your business. So how do you decide what this year’s festivities will look like, how to split your marketing budget and what will have the most effect in driving your business forward here are 20 things to consider to make the most out of this lucrative period.

  • Start early, There’s nothing worse than trying to roll out a campaign at the last minute , get the wheels in motion early to avoid ill thought out, last minute decisions.
  • Plan. Create a marketing schedule and consider every element before apportioning your budget.
  • Know your audience and what they want at this time of the year.
  • Be realistic when allocating the time to create the campaigns and don’t forget to factor in sufficient time for creative writing, graphic design, print or web development.
  • Be imaginative. You need to stand out from your competition who will also be considering their own campaigns.
  • Consider using Xmas branding; changing your web site home page, twitter background, e-mail footers will grab attention.
  • Rein in the festivities. Difficult to know what’s right but, autoplay music, falling snow graphics and dancing elves on e-mails can quickly work against you if overused.
  • Reach out to your customers, expensive gifts are not necessary and are often unacceptable but gifts such as calendars, wall planners, branded promotional items all have long term potential to keep your brand noticed. Simple gifts can be turned into marketing gold with personalised branded wrapping.
  • Get personal. If you want to show your customers that you truly appreciate them, then taking a little time to craft something unique with a personalized message can go a long way. Creative personalised Xmas cards work still have a positive impact.
  • Offer something more. “Give aways “ are a great way to create exposure and a buzz around your product. Useful tips relating to your business for example a security firm advising you on do’s and don’ts for keeping your business secure, food retailers offering seasonal recipes. Christmas competitions without a requirement to purchase can sometimes win customers over by not giving them the hard sell.
  • Engage with your customers via social media: starting discussions like “what was your best xmas present ever” are ways of getting your customers talking to you.
  • Prompt the Sale. Time limited offers, sales incentives, Xmas prizes are all tried and trusted techniques. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to reward your customers and build loyalty that will put your business on strong footing for the New Year.
  • Get your good news messages out to the public and consider something seasonal that you can shout about.
  • Consider visual marketing and engagement Images or films of failed cooking attempts or Xmas jumpers are always of interest. Who doesn’t remember the M&S adverts?
  • Think about updating your marketing collateral for the new year. Xmas is a great time to call off and see your customers to drop off next year’s brochure.
  • Don’t
  • Use multiple marketing channels to get your business noticed. Connecting with customers and prospects via social media, PR, digital, e-mail campaigns and print will ensure the most chance of success.

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