How do you know when it is time to update your logo?

We have currently seen the rebrand for the Premier League and more recently Channel 5.

This may be an influence on many companies to question whether they should rebrand and update their look. But, when is the best time to do so?

There isn’t one set answer when it comes to asking yourself when is the best time to update your logo because it’s all personal preference to your company. At Media Village, we have recently updated our logo and we feel it has really helped to strengthen our appearance but also set us up for the future in terms of going forward through future trends.

Looking at our previous logo, we felt that it wasn’t supporting our current designs and simply just needed a bit of a refresh. So we took this task to our designers who tweaked various elements to bring some modern ideas to the table.

Although we would love our logo to be timeless like Coco-Cola and Ford, you’ll see through their company development that they had made slight tweaks of their look through the process. So who knows? One day we might just get there!

The best thing to do is to sit down and ask yourself some questions before going through the process of changing your logo.

Is your logo outdated?

There are elements of your logo that can date, from the font used to the colour combinations. You just need to question whether this will be a positive change for your company and your area of expertise and question whether this is needed. Especially if you work in technology, you will know of all the advances in the industry so your logo may just need a new font to help it through the future trends.

Will it become a positive change?

Your main focus should be whether this would be a positive move in the right direction for your company. If not, than perhaps you’re not ready for a rebrand. Is the expense of developing your logo worth any negative outcome?

Having problems?

If your logo is too complex, it may be difficult in terms of scaling down the size or even causing issues with printing costs due to the numerous colours. If you’re having issues, simplicity may just be the key for you. Some of the best logos find a way to speak volumes with very little.

Is this the time for your company?

If your company is in a good place where you can only benefit from a change in your logo, then go ahead. Just remember, that you don’t always need to try and fix something that isn’t broke.

If you do choose to freshen up your logo or you’re in need of one, at Media Village we have a strong portfolio of logos we have designed for our customers. If you would like to see our portfolio or get in touch to discuss some help with your logo needs we’re more than happy to help.