How incorporating both Traditional and Digital forms of Marketing can lead to Business growth.

The world of marketing is rapidly changing and sometimes this can be daunting for businesses to try to keep up with. With pictures of cats taking selfies and pointless memes going viral, some businesses may feel way out of their depth when it comes to their ‘digital’ knowledge.  Combine this with the rumour that ‘print is dead’ and traditional forms of marketing ‘no longer work’ and you may feel like your business is beginning to hide away from the world, struggling to show its strengths.

Firstly, before we dive into things if you already have no idea what the difference is between traditional and digital forms of marketing, then take a look at this handy infographic we prepared earlier…

When searching the internet for solutions, we are pretty sure you will have come across a handful of blogs playing traditional and digital marketing off against each other, stating exactly why digital marketing works SO much better than any traditional method and vice versa.

This is a predictable stance for many agencies to take and they may have taken this biased opinion based upon their employees’ skill sets and the resources the company has. It is well justified for a marketing agency that specialises in social media to tell the world that their method is the best – why wouldn’t they?

However, we like to do things a little bit differently here and open your eyes to the possibilities that lie within your business. It would be so easy to take the predictable stance, but we never aim to be predictable! That’s why we have teamed up with digital agency, Red-Fern, to discuss how doing both traditional and digital marketing can fuel your business growth and how major companies have successfully took this approach.

What happens when a business incorporates both methods of marketing?

By bridging the gap between the traditional and digital world, the opportunities for the business can be endless. Using both forms allows the business to cover all bases to reach a bigger audience and in some ways, their entire audience. For example, half of your target audience may not have a Twitter account, instead they may subscribe to your monthly magazine. Therefore by offering an integrated strategy this helps the business engage with both audiences and not miss out on any future business opportunities.

Key benefits of combining the two methods

Combining traditional and digital allows you to build trust

If customers trust you, then they’re more likely to buy from you. It’s that simple. By integrating your marketing messages across traditional and digital platforms your brand will not only reach a wider audience but maintain consistency throughout.

Combining traditional and digital eliminates confusion

By combining both your traditional and digital forms of marketing, your message remains clear and improves the way your customers see you.  It is very easy for customers to get confused if your brand tone is completely different on your social media to your company brochure. There are many simple ways you can combine the two and as a result reach a greater audience.

Combining traditional and digital is effective

Undertaking an integrated marketing strategy can help make your strategy more effective. If your company is communicating consistently through a range of various marketing channels, the results you get from these campaigns are predicted to increase. For example, combining the two methods by printing a brochure which leads your customers to your social media page, not only increases brand exposure but the results can outperform a single-channel campaign.

Combining traditional and digital can help you plan for the future

A company that combines both methods of marketing can more successfully plan for their future marketing decisions. It allows you to be able to compare the two forms, how well they work together and how your customers respond to the varied marketing approach. Additionally, your company may have struggled to track the progress of your traditional marketing efforts. For example, you may have put a lot of effort and time into designing a company brochure.

However, you may have no way of tracking the progress of this brochure efficiently but by incorporating a form of digital marketing within this brochure the progress is a lot easier to track. For example, you could include a QR code ‘scan this code to access our online E-guide’ the analytics behind this code and the amount of visitors it has received is very easy to track online. Therefore, you have a clear example of how many people are interested in your E-guide or whichever resource you have to offer them. 

Simple ways to combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

  • Social media handles – it’s dead simple! Just by adding your social media handles to your leaflets, brochure, posters or business cards you are giving the reader incentive to look at your work online too. One easy and effective way of doing this is to add a Linkedin icon to your employees’ business cards which can lead to future business, social engagement and a greater online presence.
  • QR codes – You can add a QR code to just about anything from cereal packets to brochures; this simple method combines both traditional and digital forms of marketing. QR codes can help entice excitement around your brand and make the consumers feel like they are being given some exclusive from the QR code. QR codes can also be a huge advantage for your marketing department as they are trackable and can provide valuable insights into your customer’s behaviour.
  • Free samples – You can run competitions on your social media pages encouraging customers to ‘like, comment and share’ your post in order to receive something for free. This free prize can be a great marketing opportunity and a way of getting your brand in front of new customers who you know are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Landing pages – This is a web page created which serves as the entry point for a website or particular section of your website. In order to combine traditional methods you could have a landing page created which encourages customers to input their details in order receive your latest brochure, magazine or printed guides, etc.

Examples of companies who have done this..

Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign

Over a decade ago (yes, it has been that long!), Dove released their iconic ‘Real Beauty’ campaign. This campaign is a great example of how integrating both traditional and digital marketing methods can be hugely successful. Their campaign has gone down in history as one of the best marketing campaigns to date.

Dove found a successful way of integrating both traditional and digital marketing methods within this campaign like iconic billboards, social media, TV and magazine advertisements. By keeping their message consistent throughout, their campaign reached a wider audience and as a result was simply hard to ignore.

Red-Fern Culture book

We recently helped bring Red-Fern’s culture book to life by printing this in-house for them to distribute at client meetings. Red-Fern created this book to show potential new partners the benefits of working with them.

They opted for a traditional form of marketing by printing this book as they believed it would offer value when attending customer meetings.

Also, the finishing and print technique used allows the brochures to have a more premium feel to them. However, they also transferred this file to a digital format in order to target a wider audience and combine the two methods of marketing.

Pumping Marvellous

Pumping Marvellous are the UK’s patient led heart failure charity, founded by a heart failure patient Nick Hartshorne-Evans, whose experiences whilst rehabilitating has shaped the goals and focus of the charity. These goals and aims of the charity are reflected and brought to life through the work of our creative team.

Ultimately, with being a charity, the marketing budget for Pumping Marvellous is limited. Therefore, this means that the marketing resources chosen for them had to be effective within their performance and cost.

We have supported their integrated marketing strategy and, with the help of Red-Fern, have been able to bring their ideas to life through various platforms.

In terms of traditional marketing methods, we have designed and printed banners, guides, signs, business cards, booklets and leaflets.