What’s the importance of pen and paper? For a designer, it’s said that there is nothing more initiative than pen and paper. This ‘traditional’ style can help to form successful initial ideas and is always encouraged at the beginning of a creative brief, but why?

Below are 4 reasons we think pen and paper are an essential.

  1. If you have a blank piece of paper in front of you your concentration relies on that one piece of paper. This blank space can help your mind to creatively wander and you can document your creative process whilst developing a thought process. It sounds easy, sometimes it may be a challenge, but by being able to get it all down on paper you let go of those not so great ideas.
  2. Many people trudge through the internet looking for ideas and inspiration, but a pen and paper allows you to explore new ideas and concepts from your mind, not what is already out there. It’s almost like a computer and the Internet can limit your thought process as you’re focusing on what’s out there and it limits your mind to think of creative possibilities.
  3. Sketching down ideas and scribbling on a page is much faster than producing initial ideas digitally. For example, say if you’re sat with a customer, by sketching out a quick layout idea you’re able to illustrate what you mean in a matter of seconds. If you’re spending time on a bad idea, not only are you wasting time for your customer, but you’re wasting the time given to you by a customer.
  4. Ideas are known to flow a lot more naturally when you’re brainstorming quickly and releasing all the poor ideas and expanding on the good. It’s a lot more natural to generate ideas this way than creating ideas digitally straight away.

As a team of creatives, we encourage this method to get those creative juices flowing. Not only is it time efficient, it’s a filter for those bad ideas and it gives you the opportunity to explore and produced something unforgettable.


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