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Is it time for a logo refresh?

Companies, products and services change fast, meaning their brands need to change with them.Not many brands have managed to get this right first time with a logo heavily carrying the burden of a brands impact.

It is important to remain on trend but also always consider your brand values.

A simple logo refresh can go a long way to helping a brand to remain relevant by only needing to change subtle elements.Consistency used to be integral to a successful identity but this can quickly become stale and uninspiring.

Outdated design principles could potentially lead to a full brand redesign being beneficial for your business.

So how do you know if it is time for  logo refresh?

Or should you be considering a redesign?

Nathan Littler, our lead creative at Media Village

has outlined some key points to help you decide

When was your last logo refresh?

An easy question to ask yourself when considering a brand refresh is,

when was my logo last updated?

If the answer is a decade or two, or perhaps you have never had a brand refresh,then the chances are your logo may be due an update.

Has your business grown?

Businesses have to start somewhere and your brand identity probably reflected your service when it began.

However, your business may now have expanded, adding products,services and potentially additional companies.

If this is the case, it is likely your current logo no longer reflects this business growth.

Outdated Brand Ethos and Values.

Your business may have grown and with it developed a new brand ethos

and have a new set of values from when it originated.

Ask yourself, does my logo still reflect the values of the company?

 If not then we can work with you to represent your brand values successfully

New Competitors and New Audiences

Competition within all industry sectors is fierce with new competitors appearing with a fresh brand identity approach.

In turn these competitors are attracting a younger millennial audience.

A logo refresh can ensure you appear modern and up-to-date to keep up with your competitors and appeal to a younger audience.

However, it is important that whilst doing so you remain relatable to your current customer base.

See below just some of the logos we have designed in house

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