Show your brand some love this Valentine’s Day

When was the last time you showed your brand some love? You should give it some TLC, make room for it to shine and help it live its best life. However, we know loving your brand is easier said than done, the relationship may have gone a bit stale and you may have been ‘ghosting’ each other for a while 

But like every successful relationship, romantic or not, these things require hard work and dedication. There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day is an unmissable event and every year we are urged to remember our loved ones and find a way to show them how important they are.

This year, don’t forget the one who you may have been neglecting for some time, 2021 is the year to rebuild your relationship and love your brand again.

So, let’s think about it like this: if your brand had a dating profile, what would its bio be?

Would your customers swipe left or right? Solely based on first impressions and appearances, would it make the cut?

Now think about it from your customer’s point of view; how attractive is your brand in the eyes of your customers?

It might be your type on paper, but would your customer’s feelings be mutual?

Got you thinking, right? Well here are a few ideas we suggest to build a brand that yourself and customers will love.

Be committed

Keeping the love alive between you, your customers and your brand takes long-term commitment. Your brand needs you to give it attention and love – not just on Valentine’s Day, but every month! Take a look at your brand tone; how does it speak to your customers? Consider its image and overall appearance regularly in order to keep it up to date and consistent. Taking time to study your brand image, tone of voice and overall concept regularly will help you connect with your ideal customers on a more targeted level.

Keep up your appearence

Just like a first date, the customer will be attracted to the initial appearance i.e. your logo, colours and images, however after that your brand goes way beyond what you can see on the outside and goes much deeper into your customer service and the communication you have with them. Your brand might look pretty on the outside but has it got much on the inside?

Has it got a brand story? Does it have any emotional effect on customers or provide a solution to a problem they may be searching for. Keep up your image and make sure that it matches your customer persona, be clear on how you want to show up in the world.

Then ensure that your brand reflects your vision and once you have built a strong brand don’t just forget about it! Build upon it, create brand equity and do what it takes to show it some love and stay loveable. 

If you don’t love your brand, customers wont

It’s simple; if you don’t love your brand, your customers aren’t going to fall in love with it. 

It’s like that cringeworthy saying you see all over social media ‘love yourself before you love somebody else’. In conjunction with relationships, you have an idea of who your perfect match is and finding out who your ideal customer is, is the starting point to building long-lasting relationships. We think the key to falling in love with your brand is making sure that your brand is you, it reflects what you stand for and offers the same personality and values you stand for.

Make your customers feel special and build trust

Everyone wants to be made to feel special and your customers aren’t any different. They want to know you care about them, just as much as you care about their custom.

As in any relationship, listening and sharing are the two most important ways of communicating. As a brand, listening to your customers and sharing information or content with them shows you care and helps build trust and loyalty. As much as you value their custom and ultimately value a sale immensely, you can build a stronger relationship with your customer by offering them free value-added content. For example, sending them a free blog, free download, free calendar is an incentive which makes them feel special.

Grow old together and keep the love alive

Once you’ve attracted your customer and built up brand loyalty, you want to keep the love alive. Just like a relationship, if you stop showing you care or showing attention, it will start to deteriorate and the worst outcome could be potentially losing the relationship altogether.

Your relationship will grow and be kept alive if you adapt along the way by being open-minded and aware. Your customer demands and behaviours may change and this could hinder your relationship if your brand fails to adapt.

Therefore, it is important to have that strong relationship with your customers and the industry you operate in to be able to predict and adapt to suit customer needs keeping your relationship alive. 

Give them a reason to fall in love with you

What are you giving your customers to fall in love with if you’re not engaging with them? How do you engage? Why should you matter to them? What are you giving them in return?

You can’t force your customers to fall in love with you overnight, so it is crucial to take a series of proactive steps to make your brand more lovable and memorable. Once your customers have fallen in love with your brand the benefits are endless and they don’t just start and end with sales. 

Here are five benefits of customer love;

  • Customer referral – If they really love your brand, they will slowly become unpaid brand ambassadors referring their friends and families and letting them know about the brand they love.
  • Social sharing – If it is a product they have fallen in love with, you should expect social sharing as part of this relationship. From snapping pictures of food, new trainers and pets, consumers love to share their latest love/purchase creating user-generated content for your brand and a growth in awareness.
  • Press-worthy testimonials – A testimonial isn’t just good for your marketing, it’s also good for building new relationships with potential customers. When people are thinking about a purchase, they generally want to know someone like them has had success with it in the past. 
  • Customer retention and loyalty – Customers are looking for companies they can keep purchasing from, build a loyal relationship with and become brand advocates. In other words, customers are looking for companies and brands to love. Customers don’t just want your product, believe it or not. They want something deeper than that, consumers love brands that act in personal ways and help them obtain their loyalty. 
  • Positive online reviews – Online reviews give you the chance to develop an even closer relationship with your customers. New customers are also attracted to businesses that have gained people’s confidence. Positive online reviews help you to attain more and more new customers increasing your customer base. 

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