Ways you can improve your marketing during lockdown

Even if your business is closed temporarily or still running throughout the lockdown, you shouldn’t allow your current customers to forget about you. You may have heard the term “unprecedented” and the “new normal” being thrown around, but however you choose to label what is going on now, regular communication is vital and can go a long way throughout this period.

Many of us have gone from complaining we have “no time to ourselves” to having so much time we don’t know what to do with it. Due to this shift in behaviour, more of us are picking up our mobile phones, logging on to social media platforms, reading more news articles and generally being online more to pass the time. 

With this in mind, digital marketing is just one of the ways to engage with your customers. Your content and online presence right now can reach a larger, more engaged audience.

You may need to adapt the type of content you had planned to publish and your business should be actively more concerned in doing so in order to not just disappear during the lockdown. So, sit back and think “what can we do to help?”, “what can we offer our customers right now?” and “what type of content do our customer groups want to see?”.

However, we don’t mean just keep posting something twice a day, every day for the sake of not being forgotten. There always needs to be a strategy behind what you post. It is important that your content offers value but also stands out and stops people from just scrolling past. 

How do you do this?

  • Use strong visual elements such as graphic design and video marketing
  • Get creative with your branding but make it consistent 
  • React to trends and current affairs 
  • Don’t be afraid of posting different content to what you had planned.

Why is it important to do this?

During the recession of 1981, businesses who continued marketing grew sales by 256% by 1985 over those who cut back over the same period. Additionally, in 2009 during the “great recession”, Amazon sales grew by 28% whilst most decreased. It is important to think of the long-term future and adapt your business quickly in order to secure financial prosperity.

If your business has stopped trading or is receiving very little trade you may have already made changes to your marketing strategy. You may have begun to turn off some of your paid advertising and cut back on certain marketing channels. It is very likely that some of the marketing activities you had planned are no longer relevant and therefore you may be at a loss for ways to engage.  

However, there is a lot you can continue to do regardless of whether you’re currently able to sell all your products. 


Even if your PPC is currently paused, you can still work on improving your copy, researching new keywords that could improve your performance.

ow could be the time to think about when you have the funds to set your PPC campaign running again, what would you like to promote in particular?


It is important to consider the following when it comes to SEO:

  • Is your on-page content informative, entertaining or valuable to your customers? 
  • If not, what can you do to improve it?
  • Does your content include the right keywords?
  • Have you updated your page titles, headings and image alt tags to contain your most recent keywords?

These are all areas where you could make small changes now to benefit the future of your SEO campaigns. 


Your blog calendar may have seen a shift around too, readapting your messaging or postponing some blogs till later in the year. But this means you now have an open window to produce content that is relevant to what is happening now. During this time, you should continue to work on your blogs, even if you are writing for the future as it is often hard to find the time to fit regular blogs in during the normal working day. Use this time as an opportunity to improve and produce more content. 

Competitor analysis

What are your competitors doing right now? What type of content are they producing? How successful has their content been? Think what are you doing well compared to them that you should be shouting about.

Use the research gained from your competitors for ideas on how to improve your marketing and what you offer to your customer base. 

Website design

Now may be the time to make those improvements on your website you have been meaning to do throughout the year; doing this now may cause less disruption with fewer visitors to your site. 

Perhaps it is time for a redesign, or a few tweaks that could be implemented to make visiting your website smoother and easier to navigate.

Take the time to map out the customer journey and think of any new features that your customers may benefit from e.g. a live chat box or free downloadable assets. 

Look at your analytics

You may not have had chance to review and monitor your analytics much before, but this is another advantage to the free time we have been given. Dive into your Google Analytics account and take a look at who your audience are, the time they’re spending on your website and which pages are the most popular. 

Also, don’t forget social media analytics. All business pages on social media platforms allow you to view your insights, which includes the time of day and time your followers are most active. On Instagram, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn, you can look at the engagement of each of your posts, i.e. how many likes, comments, reaches or shares it received.  

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