The power of print combined with digital

I am sure you will all have heard the myth “print is dead” but many have the opinion that it is more alive than ever before! By bridging the gap between the digital world and the print world, the possibilities for design and marketing are endless when the two forces come together. This blog will talk about how combining the two can make your marketing strategy more successful than ever before.

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Combining the two worlds

There are many options available for businesses to empower both print and digital into their marketing strategy.

Print can help drive online traffic, strengthen your website and social media all at the same time.

It also offers continuous exposure and the repetition of print increases the likelihood that customers will convert to your digital channels.

Just some of the ways you can do this…

There are many simple ways you can drive traffic online using your very own printed material.

Firstly, just by adding your social media handles to your leaflet, brochure or poster you are giving the reader the incentive to look at your work online too.

Secondly, you could add a QR code which can be added to just about anything from cereal packets to brochures. This simple method again bridges the gap between digital and print by combining both. QR codes can be a huge advantage for marketers too, as they are trackable and can provide valuable insights into your customers.

Thirdly, many creative agencies are combining augmented reality with print and the possibilities are endless. By adding the scanable AR icon or an image, this can display content, pulling it through into the camera picture instead of diverting the viewer elsewhere. This feature creates curiosity for the reader which encourages them to scan the icon and adds value to the print for the customer.

What we can do for you…

Even though Media Village started solely as a printing company, we recognised the power of both print and digital within today’s society and we embrace this within our marketing strategies.

Our services range from: graphic design, social media marketing, digital printing, litho printing and much more. ( Click HERE for more information)

Not only can Media Village provide the advice you need to get the most out of your marketing budget, but they offer the full range of printing services available. By working as part of an integrated marketing company, we understand fully how print fits into the bigger picture; therefore we can help you make the most of your marketing channels.

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