International Print Day 2018- Collaboration.

Why we promote collaboration in the workplace…

Today is International Print Day and the theme is collaboration which highlights that when we work together, share ideas and create projects together the results are hugely rewarding.

Effective collaboration can depend on many factors, for example, the environment you are working in. Firstly, the general workplace has changed from closed off cubicles to open plan offices, which means employees are able to contribute ideas to general conversations and build closer working relationships. This overall has improved collaboration across teams, promoting the sharing of knowledge and fostering general creativity throughout.

Our new collaborative environment

Our brand new office combines a creative atmosphere alongside catering for social collaboration with an open plan layout. We actively encourage collaboration between the various departments in Media Village to perfect the customer journey for every order we process. For example, our account managers work closely with our design studio who then collaborate with the production team to deliver the final results every time. This effective process ensures that team members involved can talk through and be updated at each stage of the order, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

There are many advantages of collaboration in the workplace, such as;

  • Greater creative input
  • Increased communication
  • Increased employee morale
  • Bringing balance to decision making
  • Providing equal opportunities and a sense of belonging within the team.

Collaborating with Red-Fern Media

Another form of collaboration takes place when referring to our partnership with Red-Fern Media, who are a website and development agency. Our strategic partnership combines both the worlds of print and digital which can allow us to effectively produce highly engaging projects together and offer our customers more incentives within the creative world.

We have worked with Red-Fern Media together as strategic partners for over twelve years. Collectively we offer tailored advice and implementation for creative design, print and web-related services to all our clients.

For example, through our collaboration with Red-Fern Media we have delivered a number of various online and offline printed campaigns for Westholme School and Swim School, helping them to tell their story through print, website design and much more. Our design studio collaborates with the web development team at Red-Fern to ensure that the branding for the project is consistent throughout all platforms online and offline.

Collaborating Print and Digital

There are many options available for businesses to empower both print and digital into their marketing strategy.

Print can help drive online traffic, strengthen your website and social media all at the same time.

It also offers continuous exposure and the repetition of print increases the likelihood that customers will convert to your digital channels.

There are many simple ways you can drive traffic online using your very own printed material.

Firstly, just by adding your social media handles to your leaflet, brochure or poster you are giving the reader the incentive to look at your work online too.

Secondly, you could add a QR code which can be added to just about anything from cereal packets to brochures. This simple method again bridges the gap between digital and print by combining both. QR codes can be a huge advantage for marketers too, as they are trackable and can provide valuable insights into your customers.

Thirdly, many creative agencies are combining augmented reality with print and the possibilities are endless. By adding the scanable AR icon or an image, this can display content, pulling it through into the camera picture instead of diverting the viewer elsewhere. This feature creates curiosity for the reader which encourages them to scan the icon and adds value to the print for the customer.

At Media Village, our graphic design studio collaborates with the print production team effectively every day to make sure that the customers’ requirements, that we more than likely received digitally, are reflected upon the printed material produced for them.

To celebrate #IPD18 we have an extra 10% in quantity for all print ordered today including: personalised wall planners, mugs, desk pads, canvases, business cards, brochures and ANYTHING from our Christmas brochure.