Printing 101

Printing jargon for beginners

Understanding how printing works (and how to speak the language of printers) is important for any business. Apart from their purpose in making printing conversations easier with their abbreviations, these terms are useful clues that can help you choose the right printed material for your next campaign.

Although advertising online and paying for social media campaigns are now very popular, we firmly believe that these should be run in tandem with printed marketing.

Whether this is a business card or a general handout, knowing the printing basics and terminology will help you order the correct printing material that can meet your needs exactly and ensure your company is portrayed in the right way.

C2S, CMYK and Spot UV may sound like a load of jargon to you personally, but within the printing industry and especially here at Media Village, this terminology is second nature to us all.

However, we understand that this terminology is certainly not used in daily conversation outside of the printing industry. So, we thought we would put together a short blog to help you understand more about the terminology used to describe and even order all of your printing material.

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular printing terminology that we use at Media Village..

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Now you are that little bit more clued up on the language of print, why not talk to us today and let’s get the most out of your next printed campaign.