The power of proofreading

The content you write, whether it is for social media, email campaigns or brochures, can be extremely powerful. But no matter how fascinating your designs are and how engaging your content is, common writing errors leave a bad impression, permanently affecting your brand image.

Spelling and grammar is a crucial part of any business; one mistake can change the meaning of your message completely. This can result in your content having quite the opposite reaction to what you would have hoped for. That’s why here at Media Village we have our very own in-house proofreading team, who work incredibly hard to make sure that both our own image and our customer’s image are always protected.

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Some people may underestimate the level of accuracy, knowledge and hard work that involves proofing any document, and misunderstand why we need a proofing department at all – but it is evidently down to our proofing department that we continue to maintain our high quality relationship with our prestige clients.

Our proofing department add vital skills to our business by ensuring that any content, designs and print we create for our customers is flawless. Without a proofing department, our work could contain errors such as; poor sentence structure, typographical errors, misspellings, tense confusion and grammatical mistakes that can really undermine our credibility to existing and potential customers.

Therefore, let’s take a step back and think about it: how long has it taken you to build up and establish your brand? Be it months or even years – that one social media campaign or poster you display outside for all to see could have the potential to ruin all your hard work, even if it has just one grammatical error on it.

Evidently, we take pride in our work and want it to express and deliver exactly what the customers require without any mistakes. However, we also understand that everyone makes mistakes and having a proofing department as a safety net can be the difference between winning and losing the customer.


In fact, the diverse meaning of the English language simply highlights how certain words have different meanings in various contexts; proving just how confusing this can be.

Although you may copy and paste your work in to a spell checker all the time, this quite frankly isn’t enough to protect you from all the possible mistakes.

It is true that grammar and spelling mistakes quite frankly reflect your credibility and reliability.

Furthermore, spell checkers can even be the one cause these mistakes, by replacing them with incorrect words and changing the entire meaning of the sentence.

We know that with branding and design the good old saying “first impressions count” could not be more relevant. Imagine releasing your new branded marketing campaign with a devastating spelling mistake right across the front! Immediately, everything you stand for; your brand image, history, and objectives you have spent time creating don’t even matter – as that one mistake has jeopardised consumers’ trust in your brand. It is true that grammar and spelling mistakes quite frankly reflect your credibility, intelligence and reliability, which as a result can somewhat show how much you care about your business.

Moreover, when your work is grammatically flawless, the reader focuses on the content that you want them to rather than your mistakes. Additionally, this shows that you care about detail which adds credibility to the way you communicate with potential customers.

So let’s take a look at some examples…

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proofing blog | blogging
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