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Your school, your brand let’s make it known

Across the country, schools,colleges and other educational institutions are working harder than ever to ensure their quota for new student enrolment is achieved. With a business focus, the difference in revenue for being at full quota or not is massive

Whilst we are aware that there are many elements as to why students and parents alike choose certain schools, we are also aware that a school’s brand and marketing collateral plays a massive part in this decision.

Your school is actually a brand itself

More than ever, schools are now embracing marketing, public relations and realising the impact their brand has on the decision to choose them.

Schools, academies and educational insitutions now need marketing and creative agencies more than ever , to stand out from the large capacity of schools with some areas saturated with competition.

After providing expert marketing, design and print advice for schools across the country for over 20 years, we are well placed to provide comprehensive, tailored, bespoke advice on how to get your school noticed and noticed the right way.

A brand can help build trust

Although branding is typically associated with businesses; branding and creative marketing is exactly what schools need today to stand out. Your school’s brand is your business card/ sales rep to the outside world; it is how you are identified and how you are remembered.

A professional, well-designed school brand can increase enrolments and improve community engagement. When somebody see’s your school colours, logo or marketing collateral we want it to immediately evoke a positive emotion/action towards it.

Showing your unique

Through working with our creative team we have a process set out to differentiate your brand from other schools by incorporating your uniqueness into it; whether that is your history, your grounds, your academic achievements we can make these features stand out.

We don’t just offer a one solution fits all approach. We instead opt for a tailored, unique service. We ask the right questions and ascertain the right information. It’s so important creatively to understand your schools ethos. What do you represent? What would encourage students to choose you?

What is your ethos and values? All is important when creating design and recommending marketing solutions

Promoting your brand well

The capabilities we have at Media Village make it easy for us to produce your educational materials.

We can make sure your brand is successful and meets the public at every point of contact including external signage, websites, prospectus, letterheads, social media, logo design and much more.

Take a look at some of the work we have done here

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So what are you waiting for, let’s make your school brand stand out from the rest!