What to expect when paying somebody to manage your social media.

Marketing your business through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that small businesses can use to reach their target audience and eventually boost sales. 3.5 billion people in the world actively use social media; that’s 45% of the human population, and a huge audience waiting to see what you have to offer.

Social media has a number of huge benefits for business growth. Not only can it fast-track your brand, product and services in front of an audience better than some traditional methods, the increased brand visibility will boost remembrance of your offerings – even when your audience aren’t thinking about you at the time.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive from using social media:

  1. You will generate brand awareness
  2. You can increase your website traffic
  3. You will have a platform to advertise your product and services
  4. You can reach a wider audience 
  5. You can show your creative and personal side 
  6. You can become reactive and on trend 
  7. You can be seen as industry experts

So what does a social media team actually do?

Contrary to certain stereotypes, it doesn’t just involve sitting on Facebook all day and releasing the odd tweet whilst watching the latest cat GIF.

Social media teams are made up of skilled creatives, providing services to businesses that may not have the expertise or resources in-house to effectively manage their online presence. They connect, engage, interact, strategise, plan, prepare and promote all on your behalf – so your business is always prepared for the future and in sight of a large online audience.

A social media team can advise on the type of content you should produce and publish, often writing, publishing and designing for you when you simply might not have the time. They research your audience, build buyer personas and link every piece of content towards your future business goals, giving you the tools your sales team need to sell products and services online and offline. 

An effective social media team would never create content just to fish for likes (that’s not what ‘good’ social media is about!), or write an article just for clickbait in order to fill a quota of followers per week. There should always be a strategic approach to these services to ensure that you are gaining engagement from the right people, at the right time, on the right platforms.

Sadly, social media marketers aren’t mind readers. They do need to have an understanding of your business in depth before they can do their job. It is important that they are up to scratch with your current online presence, digital marketing efforts and sales tools, so that they can then help align these with your goals and KPIs to build on the success of the business as a whole. We would advise you to be wary of any social media agency that doesn’t take the time to do this before working with you. It’s all about forming a partnership!

The basics of a social media team can involve all of the following; organising and preparing content for social media, working with analytics and reports, managing social media activity, perfecting your tone of voice and managing account growth.

Overall, every social media customer is different and we focus on creating a tailored approach that will benefit your business – otherwise, what’s the point?

How we can help you now and what benefits you can obtain

It’s very common for business owners to be unfamiliar with social media or not know the best way to approach it for their business. There is absolutely no shame in admitting that, by outsourcing your social media you can leave it to professionals who can advise you on your best approach, rather than send out the wrong message completely. 

By partnering with a social media and marketing team, you can create a strategy for future growth combining sales targets, KPIs and all future business targets, creating a strong online presence which you can be proud of.

Social media teams are both reactive and proactive and are always organised for the future. For example, they will have content created for 2 months prior to upcoming projects you may be releasing, as well as future adverts and all national days your brand could resonate with.

We can also offer a second opinion on your marketing and your brand, which may be refreshing for you to hear in order to take a varied approach you may have doubted.

Once the creativity starts to show results, we can carefully analyse these and report back to you – so we can do it bigger and better next time! The expertise and insights into customer behaviour you receive from these reports can help you maximise your value proposition and inspire ideas for the future.

It’s not just two quick posts on your Facebook a day, we approach this as a forward-looking partnership that can be adapted (while being reactive) to favour your success. 

Our Social Media and Marketing team can help you…

  1. Drive ahead of your competitors 
  2. Create a strategy for future growth 
  3. Add a creative approach to your business
  4. Define your customer journey
  5. Be your source of communication to customers, suppliers and potential leads
  6. Offer an outside perspective
  7. Make the most of your marketing budget 
  8. Create sales tools and case studies for your internal team
  9. Generate website traffic and leads
  10. Stay active online and reach new audiences 

How we can work together

A good social media team should be conscious of establishing a partnership for successful growth. By outsourcing your social media, you will not just be handing it over blindly for somebody else to control; that’s why we always start by outlining your goals, getting to know you and your culture, creating buyer personas and getting used to your tone of voice before we post anything online. Once we have outlined the future for your business together, we can create a strategic plan of action.

Every single social media package we offer includes monthly content meetings, brainstorming sessions, monthly reports and access to our scheduling portal to preview, monitor and approve everything we are posting on your behalf – all included within the price.

We profile your target audience by researching their online behaviours and content they interact with, therefore learning what content engages successfully.  We always link your marketing efforts to your overall goals, while outlining realistic and achievable targets. 

Generally, our targets refrain from being so clinical as to decide to increase page likes by 5% (unless this really is your goal!) as we aim to be a little more strategic than this. For example, during this time of year we normally see these types of customers showing an interest in this particular service, so we create content tailored around these customers, potential new customers and the benefits of purchasing this service now. This allows us to outline a customer journey and decide how they go from being interested in this service to being converted to a paying customer. 

As previously mentioned, social media isn’t all about just increasing page likes. It can be a very effective tool for increasing your SEO and driving traffic to your website successfully. By producing blog content on your website and sharing this across your social media, you are enhancing your chances of doubling the audience who view this creative content. 

We love to be creative and believe that every business has a creative side, no matter what the industry. Social media allows your company to be creative, responsive and adaptive to current situations and trends. We can update you on the latest trends and new engaging forms of content your business should be acting on; with your approval, we can do this on your behalf successfully. It’s what we do best. 

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