Tell your untold story

An impressive overhead photo no doubt grabs some attention, however aerial photography and video has greatly advanced from photography masts to the introduction of drones. Drones are everywhere; delivering parcels, filming movies, being used in medicine and even helping to sell properties

Whatever industry you are in, drone footage can help you in some way. For example, if you own a golf course, an impressive overhead drone video can highlight the  breathtaking view of your grounds from hole one right through to hole eighteen

Some of the most successful companies in the UK are incorporating drones  into their business strategy and benefiting hugely from their outstanding results. It goes without saying that drones are an excellent tool for capturing elevated videos that tell your story in a creative way people can’t ignore. Whatever the footage may be, from a holiday rental property to the education sector; this illustrates to  potential customers how your product or services benefits them in a new and refreshing way.

The first country to manufacture drones was Israel. 


We understand that standing out from the crowd can be difficult, with 3.010 billion users online and an average of 6,000 tweets being posted each second, using a drone makes your marketing content an immersive and engaging experience, which in return certainly makes you stand out! As a result, statistics show that 64% of buyers want to purchase a product or service after viewing an impressive video.

So, while the weather is nice and summer is finally here, why not take this opportunity to record some impressive drone footage that captures your business in a whole new and exciting light.

Members of the Media Village team have completed the CAA certification for commercial drone photography; this involved a three day course consisting of a written and verbal examination.

This has opened up more creative opportunities for Media Village, as we now have the ability to offer drone services alongside our other creative services to all our customers. The drone work we have completed so far has presented many businesses in a modern, professional way and made them stand out creatively within their industries.

There could be 30,000 drones overhead in the U.S. by 2020, reports the Washington Times.

Finally, drones are expanding the scope of what’s possible to capture on camera, the angles you can reach and the views you can show to your customers. By working closely with our creative studio, our CAA certified pilots create photography and video that depicts your company at its best. Our multi-talented team can provide storyboards, editing, copywriting and voiceovers. The end product is footage of unrivalled quality that will maximise your marketing reach and potential.

So what are you waiting for?