A powerful partnership for the future.

The engineer walked into a creative agency… sounds like the start of a bad joke, right? Although this scenario is normally quite uncommon, the traits an engineer and, for example, a graphic designer share could be the start of an impressive partnership for future business growth.

The desire to figure things out and be creative is in the bones of both a creative agency and an engineering business, coupled with problem solving (which is always second nature in both of these industries). Their matching natural curiosity about how and why things work fuels their impressive designs for their customers and powers this partnership.

Some may disagree; in various engineering disciplines, the concepts of design and engineering are segregated and seen as completely different outlooks. In other words you are either ‘creative’ or ‘practical’ – you can’t combine the two, apparently. However, we have proven this wrong: we have worked successfully with national engineering companies, sticking to all of their traditional business values but also guiding them on how to stand out in a creative world.

With a team of seven designers at Media Village, we know that our designers create work for customers that follow a specification of requirements in order to satisfy their needs. Alongside this, engineers undoubtedly translate those designs in a technical way to satisfy their customer’s needs, too. Finally, both roles plan out their creation before implementing it in any format for their customers.

We discovered that 40% of engineers are actively looking for engineering content on social media – the nature of sitting back and relying on referrals has well and truly disappeared. Therefore, engineers are now looking towards creative agencies, graphic designers and marketeers to help them produce content that speaks and sells to their audience

How we can mould this partnership ?

Today is the day to start creating that partnership that really could adapt your engineering company for the future. Without changing your business objective or even second-guessing your business values, a creative agency can help bring out the best in your business through impressive creative design.

In the past, sitting back and relying on referrals was enough to make impressive profits for each business month – however, times have changed; technology has advanced and businesses honestly need to keep up to date or risk failure. Old school traditional methods of marketing and networking now have to adapt to keep up with creative agency methods. Therefore, traditional trade agencies like engineering businesses sometimes feel a bit lost when it comes to brainstorming creative ideas.

Our precision, attention to detail and need to be creative works well with those in the engineering trade. We understand the way you work and can design to translate this for your specific audience.

Engineers are creators who love a challenge

What on earth can a creative agency do for an engineering business?

It is well known that people often doubt the fact that engineers may need to work with a creative agency, but if you look at the services a creative agency offers they fit the vast services that an engineering company also has to offer perfectly. For example, vehicle livery sometimes can be the best marketing asset for your engineering company as you are always out on the road attending appointments; this can be a huge marketing opportunity for your business and enable your brand awareness to grow massively.

Another example would be marketing for trade shows. Engineers often attend trade shows – whether this may be to run a stand themselves or just use it as a networking opportunity – either way, we could help. A creative agency can provide you with a pile of well-designed business cards, promotionally branded gifts to exchange with professional networks, and everything you could possibly need to run a stall!

The facilities we have at Media Village can really make a difference for an engineering company; we can easily print your engineering plans in both colour and black & white from a PDF file. Whether these are building plans, model plans or any form of engineering plan document, these can be printed to a high quality, at a low cost. At Media Village we offer a next day service with postal delivery available for documents printed in sizes up to A0 (1189mm x 841mm).

We understand that engineering is a visual job, and with an in-house photography studio we know that we can provide you with professional photography to highlight your products, services and really make your business stand out from the rest.

Take the next step…

Consequently, social media, advertising and marketing itself is always changing with fierce competition and constant exposure. Companies like engineering businesses have started to realise that they should be prioritising their marketing and creative strategies. However, we understand that sometimes it may not be in your nature and you just simply want to get on with the job in hand. But that’s where we can help, it’s what we dedicate our time to and it’s how we can help your engineering business keep up with the times and successfully grow.

So why not give us a call, drop us an email or pop in to see us?

It’s time to start talking about your business today!

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