Wallpaper; a modern alternative

Previously when I thought of wall paper, I thought of my nan’s house, where every room except the kitchen and bathroom, had the walls adorned with fancy wallpaper.   My nan was particularly proud of her house although I confess some of mismatched patterns were tell-tale signs that she had hung the wallpaper herself. As a child, the embossed and textured patterns fascinated me and I was always getting my knuckles rapped for running my dinky toy cars up and along the walls and since then wallpaper has always reminded me of a bygone era, something that would look good in a period house, but probably not suited for the modern houses, hardly cool or contemporary.   That is until a few weeks ago, when browsing through the latest catalogue of materials we could print on when I came across a range of wallpapers which the sales representative enthused about as he tried to convince me how popular wallpaper had become. Well, I had to at least investigate. We had already completed a handful of printed wallpaper jobs for customers, a photograph of the Darwen End at Blackburn Rovers for an avid fan, a large Lake District Scene for a bathroom wall, and of course the Ordnance Survey Map that decorates our very own meeting room but I guess I just hadn’t really seen the potential. That is, until I came across the JW Walls website. http://www.jwwalls.com.

Photo 1: Example of an image on J W Walls’ website.

Wow! Now I could see it. Their website is great as it shows even the most reluctant of believers how wallpaper can be cool, contemporary and even the centre piece of any room, if that’s what you want it to be.

Photo 2: Example of an image on J W Walls’ website.

The opportunities are endless and what’s more their website has some great examples of what can be achieved.

Whilst we don’t have the versatility of the JW Walls website if you supply a picture of the room that you are considering and a high resolution image of what you want on the wall then with a certain amount of manipulation we can show you examples of what the wallpaper might look like on your own wall. The image has to be extremely high resolution if the image is to be enlarged to fill the wall or alternatively pick from a wide range of royalty free catalogue photographs or talk to us about having some wallpaper designed to suit your specific requirements. So if you are interested in creating an eye-catching, stunning and unique interior design for your home or office please call 01254 300000 or e-mail enquiries@media-village.co.uk.