The Client

Accrington Academy is a forward-thinking school that embraces and utilises the very latest technologies and strives to provide students with state of art facilities and innovative teaching methods. This is balanced with the highest expectations for the students’ behaviour and appearance. It competes for student places with numerous other educational facilities within the area so it’s important that their marketing material and their brand message matches the ethos and values of the school.


Utilising two prospectuses for different target audiences Accrington Academy work with Media Village for all their design and print requirements. As with every project extensive diligence is carried out by Media Village’s creative team to ensure the ethos and message for the school is portrayed in the correct way. Offering both studio work as well as working on site with the school Media Village accommodate any need the school may have. All our work is very collaborative and client interaction is imperative to ensuring we deliver a product the school can be proud of. Backing all this up with on-site photography means we can handle the whole project ensuring we offer the school excellent service, stringent quality control and savings on their print and design spend.


Media Village were tasked to offer photographic support to be utilised for all the school’s marketing and promotional needs. Extensive meetings were conducted to truly understand the project and a collaborative approach was undertaken to ensure the school were happy with the quality of our work at every stage. Utilising our mast photography, classroom shots and taking advantage of the excellent facilities available, Media Village created a bank of photographs to accentuate the school’s marketing and promotional needs.


Ensuring brand consistency was maintained throughout the campaigns, Media Village have undertaken numerous design projects to help advertise and promote the school. Focusing on the messages and target audience at all times we have worked with the school to ensure exposure is maximised and that student intake targets are reached. Offering both studio and on-site creative and backing up with photography services all offered in-house we have been able to offer professional creative services without the associated costs you would find from a “big city” creative agency.