The Client

Westholme are one of the leading independent schools in the north west of England. They are forward-thinking, modern and yet retain those traditional values. They demand a lot of their marketing team who in turn demand a lot of Media Village to ensure that all marketing channels promote the strengths and the qualities of the school and deliver a message that is consistent across all the age levels and one that ensures current parents have visibility of the school’s activities and can see for themselves the value it is adding to their children but also to attract prospective children and parents to the school. The challenges faced are thus ones of delivering clear and consistent communication across the school that is both stylish, progressive and eye-catching but also one of successfully marketing the school to attract children at all ages. Media Village have worked closely with Westholme School for several years and are delighted to have forged such a strong relationship with the school’s marketing team such that the boundaries are blurred and Media Village work as an integral part of the Westholme team.


As with all schools, printed media is still very important in both attracting new parents through the prospectus and individual information packs but also feeding back information to existing parents and the alumni. It is important that their brand consistency is maintained across all printed media but it is also important that this is balanced carefully to ensure that the material is both attractive and will engage with the target audience which may change by subtle variations of the brand depending upon the age group.


Some of the publications we work on are developed over the full academic year. This can present its own challenges but these are overcome through the working relationship that has been built up with the client. In addition some of the events that form the content of the publications demand extremely tight production times from publication sign off to delivery.


Media Village have worked with the marketing department to promote some key unique events such as the introduction of boys to the Senior School, the transition to a diamond model of teaching, the launch of the Nursery plus the routine events that form part of the yearly cycle such as Open Days, Presentations and Prizegivings.


Having a website that can deliver information to students and parents but also be an important marketing resource is extremely important. Approximately three years ago, we were tasked in completing a major overhaul of the website to deliver a site where content could be easily managed and was responsive to various browsers used, both mobile and fixed.


Good still and video photography is important and present some interesting projects to work on.


Demonstrating the one stop shop approach and the benefits this offers, Media Village look after the rebranding of all the Westholme external and internal signage as well as the branding of vehicles.