Branded Clothing and Promotional Items

An excellent way to give your brand high visibility is to distribute branded clothing and promotional items to your clients or targeted customer segments. It is an efficient manner to spread the information regarding your products and services and using your customers as your brand ambassadors.

Media Village has been doing it for years. In fact, there are very few in the business of designing and making branded clothing and promotional items, embroidered clothing, promotional products, and promotional gifts who can match our competency.

We have worked with several large brands as well as medium and small businesses on their branding and advertising campaigns and have delivered high quality branded clothing and promotional items that have immensely contributed towards making their advertising and marketing campaigns more efficient and productive.

From our experience we can tell you that using clothing and other promotional items to promote a brand is one of the best ways to get visibility and customer engagement.

Few of these benefits are enumerated below:

  • Branded clothing allows companies to reach out to a larger consumer base.
  • It helps create a mobile method of advertisement, promotion and marketing.
  • Promotional gifts, clothing products, and other items help businesses create a brand visibility among a larger base of consumers which are being targeted as potential customers.
  • Branded and embroidered clothing ooze style and elegance and make the impression on the consumers that the company distributing them is a high quality and professional organisation.

The benefits of these type of promotional and marketing items are numerous and only few of them are listed here.

While businesses are aware of these benefits, very few of them know how to go about their promotional activities, which is where we come into the picture with our vast experience and pool of knowledge. We have, over the years, served brands, big and small, to maximise the benefits from their promotional campaigns.

Among the broad spectrum of branding and promotional services, we offer:

Embroidered Clothing

Designed to perfection and full of style and comfort. Creating a highly positive perception of the company using it for their promotional activities.

Promotional Products

A large range of promotional products crafted to perfection to make them a representation of the brands they represent.

Promotional Gifts

These include a wide range of products that help businesses create brand awareness among their targeted customer segments.

All our services are customised to the requirements of our clients. Our design and marketing experts work closely with them to deliver high quality and efficient service capable of delivering the maximum return on investment.

We are privileged to have worked with some of the best brands in the country and have successfully executed several of their campaigns. By hiring us, our clients are assured of timely delivery and the best possible solution within their budget.

The hallmark of our success is the long list of our happy clients who prefer us over any other company for the branded clothing and promotional items needed by them. We have exceeded their expectations every time, which in itself is a proof of our dexterity and efficiency.

Despite being based at Accrington, Media Village operates in a large geographical territory that includes Burnley, Blackburn and Preston as well as several locations in the north west of England. Wherever our clients are, we are there to serve them with zeal, perseverance, tenacity and passion.

Getting branded clothing and promotional items has never been easier or more affordable. All you have to do is write to us on or call us at 01254 300000.

We will contact you shortly and ensure you that it is the initiation of a lifelong professional relationship.

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