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Media Village is a large creative agency, located close to Burnley, Blackburn and Preston, with a wealth of experience supporting businesses large and small in logo design, corporate branding and design & print services. Our strong team of graphic designers understand that branding is much more than just logo design but must project your vision, your values and your product or services to stand out from the competition. Working as part of a larger cooperative means that the creative ideas and graphic design work we complete is not conducted in isolation but works well across all marketing channels, from traditional printed media and direct mail to the more recent social media and digital marketing.

Our process is simple. We get to know you, your company, your products and services and try to think like you would think and then apply this thought process in a creative way to generate creative concepts that project your vision, your thoughts and your ideas in an innovative and eye-catching way. We then make sure it fits in with the rest of your marketing products and provide advice on consistency of the branding and why it’s important and how it builds confidence and trust.

Stand out from the competition

Our graphic designers will ensure that your brand flows seamlessly across all your marketing. Good business card design is important as it is often the first item left with a customer, so it’s important it represents the values that you stand for which is exactly why our graphic designers use it as a starting point for the branding we create, along with the letterhead design.

5 good reasons to choose the Media Village as your
creative agency of choice:

  • Talented design agency with a wealth of experience in branding, logo design and integrated marketing support.
  • Part of a larger group offering wider design and print services.
  • Design agency located in Accrington serving Burnley, Blackburn and Preston so no big city overheads.
  • Strong Account Management team who act as part of your own marketing team.
  • 8 graphic designers and 6 web designers all available to work on your projects.

Why is good graphic design so Important?

The focus of all marketing is to move the customer towards purchasing or using a product or service, and a critical factor in achieving this, is the perception of trust and professionalism. Brand communication is the term used to describe how customers translate what they see into what they feel about the product or service; does it represent quality and luxury, comfort and value, is it traditional and safe or cutting edge using the latest technology. Every piece of creative marketing you release, blog posts, website narrative, brochures, leaflets, etc. should be considered as shorthand, conveying your message and drawing the customer in.

Our goal is to make sure the creativity and graphic designs we produce from the logo design, the layout, the colours, the fonts, the copy, the photographs that we use catch the attention of the reader and hold their attention giving you the best chance of making your campaigns a success. Good design drives conversions. This is the importance of design and something a good creative agency recognises above all. The creative ideas and graphic designs we produce build credibility giving you a better chance of clients buying in to your message. A few carefully chosen images laid out in a professional eye-catching layout can say more than a page full of text about the same product or service.

So if you are looking for a design company that understand the bigger picture of how your brand needs to work and how to make the most of your marketing portfolio then why not give Media Village a call on 01254 300000 and work with a creative agency that cares.

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