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Media Village is an expert signage company that specialises in a wide variety of signage design, development, and installation services. We offer tailor-made signage for businesses of every size.

Whether it is a leading retail store wanting to display and advertise its brand name, or a small restaurant trying to attract customers for a family dinner, we customise and design signage for each one of them.

Our company has extensive experience in designing and installing signs and we are among the most popular and reputed company in Accrington, where we are based. Our areas of operations extend beyond Accrington and include Burnley, Blackburn, and Preston. Although these are the areas where a large number of our clients are situated, we have also served businesses in across the north west of England. Media Village is the preferred signage company in this part of the country.

The efficiency of our work and the quality of our services reflect in the way our clients treat us. Most of the clients that we serve once, become our permanent clients. It reflects our competence and proves that when it comes to delivering quality service, there are not many companies that challenge us.

Our bouquet of services includes sign design, shop signs and sign installation.

Sign Design:

Based on the exact specifications of our clients and the measurements of the signage needed by them; we design signs that efficiently meet their specifications, are within their budget, and exceed their expectations.

Shop signs:

No matter what the size of a shop is – a large mall or a corner store, we design the perfect signage that attracts more and more customers and helps the business increase its visibility.

Sign Installer:

Already have a signage designed and ready and want it installed? Or want the complete work to be done, right from designing, manufacturing, and installing the signage? We will do it for you.

Not only do we deliver high quality service, we also ensure
that it generates the best results for our clients in terms of visibility,
advertisement, market penetration, and profitability.

We work towards delivering what’s best for the business of our clients. Our service is high quality and it is also easily accessible. Our team work closely with the clients to deliver exceptional service and quality products. We treat our clients as our strategic partners and work with the intent of delivering maximum benefits to them.

Below are the steps that explain how we work with our clients:

Clients contact us with their needs.

We undertake a thorough requirement analysis.

Based on the analysis, our team plans a solution, which is discussed with the client.

After the approval from the client is received, we work on the solutions and deliver it to the client.

In this entire process, we remain in constant touch with our clients and keep them informed at every step of the project. Being the most sought after signage company has put immense responsibilities on us and we strive hard to deliver superior service to our clients each time.

Some of the benefits of hiring us for your signage requirements:

Customised designs and layouts.

End to end solution that involves the entire cycle of signage design and installation.

Customisation and flexibility in design and installation services.

Working closely with the clients and keeping them in loop regarding the progress.

Affordability and timely completion.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, we also commit providing the best after sales service.

For more details on our products and services and for any queries, mail us at or call us on 01254 300000. Our representative will get back to you shortly.

But be careful! Hiring us once can easily become a lifetime professional relationship!

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