How vehicle livery can solve your marketing problems.

What is vehicle livery?

First of all let’s start with explaining what vehicle livery actually is and how it could help. Vehicle livery is the process of transforming the appearance of your vehicle, through the application of vinyl graphics, to advertise your business whilst on the road. Vehicle livery is often used to revamp your fleet and reinforce your corporate identity to allow you to become identifiable to consumers travelling about.  From printing a logo on the side of your van, to displaying all your contact details in brightly coloured graphics, the exposure gained from this could result in future success for your business.

What types of vehicle livery are available?

Vehicle livery covers two methods vehicle signage formed with vinyl graphics and vehicle wraps covering the whole vehicle. Both methods requires a lot of technique, the latest cutting technology, precision and patience ensuring that the signage is even and level in all areas. Once cut to size and applied to the vehicle the vinyl adhesives create a mirror image of the artwork created in the studio.

How can it solve your marketing problems?

Did you ever think your morning traffic jam could be a marketing opportunity? That the long wait at a red light could be creating brand awareness to the cars waiting impatiently behind you?

Vehicle livery gives you the opportunity to take your brand on the road, make you get seen behind the wheel and enhance your business’s exposure massively. Let’s think about it this way: to advertise your business you could pay around £500 minimum for a full page advert in a local newspaper, which could gain you 50 viewers if you are lucky. In comparison to this, you could spend the same amount on getting your vehicle wrapped – and research shows up to 3000 people per hour could see your vehicle graphics on the road. If you are a small to medium business, these figures could dramatically change your business opportunities from the maximised exposure gained; seems like a no brainer, really!

1. Endless Marketing opportunities

From tradesmen, catering businesses to online retailers, vehicle graphics can make your fleet stand out on the road. Branded company vehicles give your business vital marketing opportunities when you least expect them, every single day. If you are a self-employed business owner, craving the exposure you deserve from the local area, we understand that it may be hard to find the financial stability to invest in marketing yourself. Therefore, branding your own vehicle is a cost effective solution that guarantees exposure within your local area and can help solve those marketing problems.

Additionally, even if your business is mainly online it can be hard to stand out on search engines to differentiate yourself from the endless amounts of competition. With vehicle livery, it could just be as simple as driving to and from appointments in your branded vehicle – all the while increasing your chances of attracting attention in the local area.

Brightly coloured, attractive vehicle wraps make your company vehicles stand out from every other vehicle on the road. It is normal for passing drivers to not pay a great deal of attention to a plain white van whilst on the road – but they will notice a well-designed vehicle wrap. Depending on whether you have one vehicle or a fleet, and how far you travel, you could potentially reach tens of thousands of viewers per month – all of whom may need your products or services.

Vehicle livery is considered a non-aggressive form of advertising; unlike radio ads they catch the eye without major disturbance. It is well known that customers respond better to advertising that doesn’t take an ‘in-your face approach’ and fortunately, even the more colourful vehicle wraps do not do this.

Take a look at how it’s done…

2. Protecting your vehicle

Alternatively, there are many other advantages besides marketing opportunities to having your vehicle personalised. For example, livery can protect your van from daily damage through wear and tear; vehicle graphics add an extra layer of protection, allowing your vehicle to stay looking brand new and preventing any scratches that may occur to your paintwork. Also, wrapping your vehicle is substantially cheaper than a new paint job (as well as having the flexible option of being able to easily change the graphics in the future). Consequently, travelling in a company branded vehicle could benefit your growing business in the future. For example, when you come to sell your vehicle or even upgrade, the vehicle will have been fully protected and in great condition underneath the protective vinyl coating.

Furthermore, if you have a re brand or change vehicle, we can remove vinyl vehicle wraps without damaging paintwork or marking the vehicle in any way, this becomes a great selling point when you come to sell the vehicle.  Naturally, we all worry about spending money from time to time, especially when it is your own business and feels like the money is coming out of your own pocket; however, most business owners feel that they recoup the expense of having vehicle wraps in the added exposure their business receives. If you want to stand out from your competition, a vehicle wrap is a wise investment that could continue to reward you in the future.

3. Build trust and enhance word of mouth

Vehicle wraps and livery can enhance a professional outlook on your business as a whole, improving its trustworthiness (and resulting in more custom). For example, plain white vans have a bad stigma around them and are sometimes considered untrustworthy. A fully branded van, however, is more reassuring of a tradesman than a plain white van; a branded van clearly displays authentic logos, addresses and contact details, making the business appear more transparent and honest. Taking a look at trade businesses, it is well known that tradesmen get most of their work through word of mouth and recommendations – so making sure your clients know who you are and how to get in contact with you in this way works extremely well. We call this strategy ‘organic marketing’: turning assets that are already in use for other purposes into effective marketing tools. Therefore, the company vehicle that you jump in daily to visit clients can easily be transformed from a single purpose asset to an effective marketing tool which support your entire brand image.

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