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Commercial Photography
close to Burnley, Blackburn and Preston

Media Village offer all of the services of a commercial photography company and have a wide range of experience in product photography, food photography and editorial photography. Our photography team, based at our main offices in Accrington and close to Burnley, Blackburn and Preston, can also provide onsite services and most weeks can be found travelling to sites across Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

Good quality, relevant imagery in your marketing material is so important. It helps convey quality but it can also help tell your company story far easier than words. Unfortunately many companies neglect this. The biggest growth area in marketing is visual communication, helping us to understand better the products and services being offered far easier without a need to read the fine print.

Articles with images on average
obtain 94% more views.

Over 60 % of online shoppers say they will
not buy from a company that does not
include relevant images.

Over 70 % of online shoppers say the
image is the most important factor in them
proceeding with a purchase.

Imagine having a choice between two companies offering very similar services but one has included high quality images in their marketing material and the other has used poorly shot images taken on a phone by an enthusiastic amateur. Who do you think wins most of the business; the figures above speak for themselves.

We now live in a visual culture, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are major search engines that can direct potential customers to your business. Furthermore, images that are “on brand”, consistent across all of the marketing help establish professionalism and trust and ultimately lead to enhanced customer engagement.

Ultimately, someone who knows what they are doing can achieve the same results but by far the easiest way is engaging the services of an experienced commercial photography company who will not only help frame your products in the best way but can ensure that the images reflect the service or product in the best way and deliver your overall company vision.

Our commercial photographers can provide advice on all aspects of photography. Using the very best photographic equipment, they can ensure that your products and services are captured accurately. We are able to bring your products to our purpose-built studio to prepare and shoot your products under studio lighting conditions that will ensure that the quality of the images are unsurpassed. The images that we supply will not only be suitable for use on the web but will also be of sufficient high resolution that they can be enlarged to many times their own size.

The benefit of working with a commercial photography company is that they understand the part that high quality, relevant images play within the larger subject of brand communications. Achieving imagery that is consistent in style whether that be casual and friendly or clean and corporate helps create the consistent connection with your customers. Neglecting this is a big mistake.

Is stock imagery the answer? It’s not good to rely solely on stock imagery. Stock imagery is inevitably very general in nature and may not adequately reflect your story. Whilst there are lots of relevant images readily available as stock art and these can be used to great effect it is no substitute to a good set of individual photos that differentiate your products from the competition, or show off the technical details, or specific features. Without these type of images the full value of your marketing investment may not be realised. Companies and organisations who rely solely on stock art risk not standing out and seeming too generic and hence being overlooked.

A commercial photography company like Media Village will ensure your marketing photos provide the engagement with your customers or prospective customers. We will ensure that they build brand consistency, convey your products and services in a positive manner and ensure they can be used across all marketing channels. If you want to discuss how we can help tell your story with fantastic photography please call 01254 300000 or e-mail

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